>>> NEW RELEASES 2013-2014


ROMOWE RIKOITO "Undēina" CD digipack
The 4th album from the mysterious Prussian darkfolk group Romowe Rikoito is a magic journey to the modern Western Baltic world, the Aestian archipelago that is invisible on the surface, but continues to live and breathe in the reality of the present. The twelve compositions of "Undēina" denote personal experiences on the sites dating back to the most prominent Prussian wizards of the 16th century. The album sounding involves many layers, starting with a ritualistic and ethnic atmosphere which is then gradually replaced by the neofolk aesthetics. Most of "Undēina" lyrics are performed in the (un)forgotten Prussian language, - accompanied by waves of melancholy, it brings an exclusively intense and unique Baltic experience to heart!... The 74 minute CD is presented in an exclusively cut digipack case and features expressive visual design as well as a 28 page booklet full of Prussian mythology symbols, rare pictures, and lyrics in Prussian and English.
30Lt / €12  
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UGNIAVIJAS "Karo dainos" CD digipack
Firm, strong and melodic Lithuanian ancient war songs, performed in an authentic manner by four brave lads. "Karo dainos" (War songs) offers a natural sounding with experienced personal attitude, impressive vocal tunes with thundering drums, bagpipes, kanklės and other traditional acoustic instruments. Twelve historic-war songs tell a story about the ancient Lithuanian warrior - from dawn, till sunset, from leaving home till death. This CD is a first male-folk album of this kind in Lithuania! "Karo dainos" album was released in a 2 panel digipack with nice graphic art and embossed print.
24Lt / €10  
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DONIS "Bars bars" CD digipack
New musical face of Donis and Baltic post-folklore, suprisingly fresh sound of neofolk. Album express melancholic lyricism of old Lithuanian love songs and reveals magic signs of fairy birds. Dreamlike music sway is full of emotion - from melodic catch of accordion, violin, flutes, to miraculous dulcimer and march-like acoustic guitar, to primeval drones and bright ambiences. So far Donis music was never so cordial, light and nostalgic. For the first time all album songs were sung by Donis himself, and music was recorded with his seven year son Aistis. Created quite spontanic and sounding so naturally, "Bars bars" happens to be the 10th album in Donis discography - and it should adore every loving heart. 7 songs, 44 min. of wonderful music in well designed digipack.
25Lt / €10  
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>>> Upcoming in 2014:

DNG 044 - SIELA "Tremtyje" CD - re-release, darkwave rock.
DNG 045 - GIRIŲ DVASIOS CD - dub electonic..
DNG 036 - ANUBI "Mirties Metafora" LP - re-release of the legendary grotesque black metal masterpiece.


GYVATA "Su vėjužiu kalbėjau" CD digipack
Brightly melodic, gentle and very lyrical modern folk songs from Baltic sea shores. Stoical, beautiful melancholy blows like seaside wind, taking strenght in impressive harmony of rich choruses and various folk as well as contemporary instrumental lines. The full-lenght debut album of young group, led by famous Lithuanian post-folklore composer Donis. 10 greats songs, showing real sincerity and frankness of ancient Lithuanian heritage.
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TRYS KETURIOSE "Kas tar taka?" CD digipack
in their pure form! Unique Lithuanian polyphonic ritual songs are performed by the most known sutartinės singers (chanters) group Trys Keturiose. This is very old tradition from pagan past, kept alive in secret for ages, mostly among women. The songs (chants) on conceptual "Kas dar taka" collection are dominated by the Lithuanian verb teka which has several mythologically connected meanings: it means the rising of the sun, the flowing of a river, the flowing of time as well as the process of a woman marrying a man. The chants have a strict and careful connection to the authentic findings of folklore expeditions, and have been tonically perfected by singers' voices only, without other musical instruments or sounds. Strongly entrancing, magical sutartinės smoothly flow and weave a symbolic message from a femininely transparent, fragile and slow that time (in illo tempore) to the hurried and chaotic world. The CD comes in a 4-panel digipack, incl. full description.
25Lt / €10  | details / samples

DONIS "Ein Saulelė aplink dangų" CD digipack
The fresh release of Donis album that was recorded in 2001-2002, but wantonly concealed for several years - a perfect cyclic trip based on Lithuanian folklore and mythology of the Sun. Using variuos traditional instruments and notable composing skills, Donis unfolds authentic ancient melodies (mostly polyphonic chants - sutartinės) arranged within an entrancingly subtle electronic and ambient soundscapes, adding tinctures of neofolk, trip-hop, new age, acid jazz and other. The composition intertwines several themes into one single track of 32 min. - the solar passage goes round and round, evolving sense of endless cosmic succession... so for the best impression play it in repeat mode! The CD is published in a nice minimalistic digipack.
20Lt / €10  
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SPANXTI "Dievo žirgai, Laimės ratai" CD digipack special
Post-folklore group connects traditions of two still living Baltic nations - Lithuanian and Latvian mythical folklore, cosmic tales, war songs and beer drinking cheerfulness. It is probably the first such brotherly creative meeting of Lithuanian and Latvian modern folk! Involving deep neofolk sounding, Spanxti songs charm with acoustic guitars, accordion, violin, keyboaords, percussion and sonorous vocals. This is first bands studio album after ten years of various Spanxti line-ups, stylistical experimentation and a dozen of self releases... Outstanding designs, each copy handmade, with a tiny wooden mantra.
30Lt / €12  
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PIEVOS "Paprastas pasaulis" CD digipack
The third Pievos album presents strong poetical lyricism and Lithuanian folklore influences in a sound of original alternative rock. Emotional "Paprastas pasualis" (Simple world) songs show various sides of the post-folk rock - from acoustic singing beauty, to ancient polyphony, to even blues and metal. With once again top performance of singer Virginija and best sounding of all Pievos records, this 3 years in work creation shines with sparkling melody and musical freedom to enjoy! The colorful and expressive album contains 15 various songs, driven by traditional folklore and lyrics of Lithuanian poets. The CD is released in a nicely designed 4-panel digipack.

25Lt / €10  | details / samples

LIBERTE "Jau aušt aušružė" CD extra slipcase
Lithuanian post-folklore collective creates impressive interpretations for many years, though this is their first official album so far. Music of Liberte presents Baltic ethnic music in a new robe - filled with love, delicate melodies and very bright,
dreamlike flow. Songs shine with minimalism, some are more driving , adding careful bass and percussion to beautiful harmonies of violins, flutes, kanklės, accordion, piano, other classic and traditional instruments. Amazing spiritual voice of group's founder Anna Babuškina sounds like a morning dew on forest meadow... This is an outstanding, different album in a whole Lithuanian post-folk/world scene, - so let it suprise You! CD presents 10 original songs and a professional video.
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DONIS "Kas tave šaukia..." CD digipack
Long awaited Donis' album, emphasising Lithuanian historical war folklore to a new level, presenting ancient songs with impressive new musical creation. Bright and sad lyrical melodies are together with marching beats and militant spirit - monumental and stoic, subtle and truly profound. Donis style is unique and beautiful with the composer's precise hand on every note, sound and harmony. Singer Rasa Serra and her tremendous voice is on the top here, so strong and dramatic, especially when she sings a capela. "Kas tave šaukia..." (Who is calling you...) was recorded by several musicians, playing violins, Baltic bagpipe, dulcimer, keyboards, various folk instruments), accordion, piano, wind bells. Classic, electric guitar improvisations and lute are masterfully laid by talented G.Balčiūnas 'Jumbo', adding touch of popular sounding and folk-pop genre. The album is dedicated to 600 years anniversary of the Great Žalgiris (Grunwald 1410) battle. 12 tracks in an exquisite 4-panel digipack.
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VILKDUJA "Nežinau" CD digipack special
Charming and haunting Lithuanian musique noveau - a second Vilkduja ensemble starlit box dripping with magical honey. Original sound of the artist is even more unvealed, though even harder to name - post-industrial neo-cabareth with strong poetry and nostalgic pop melody...? Maybe. "Nežinau" (Don't know) songs are gentle like cat and at the same time dirty as punk rock under fullmoon. The giddy bass groove, hidden melodic waves, nice beats, ambiental backgrounds and noisy stings make playing this album a real party! It's spellbounding dark romance in a very own way, - one of the best original music Lithuanian scene has to present. 11 tracks in a very nice cut-out digipack.

25Lt/€10  | details / samples

MĖNUO JUODARAGIS - RINKTINĖ compilation 2CD digipack
The first ever compilation of the well known "Mėnuo Juodaragis" fest, made specially for the twelfth MJR edition in 2009 - it is like a tribute to festival's history, talented composers, musicians and all great people, who come to Juodaragis like home every year. The double digipack album features most original artists from Lithuania on the first disc and famous acts from all over Europe on the second. Like the event, this constellation is rather colorfull and diverse in style, presenting mostly exclussive, special and unreleased recordings from 30 bands and projects. Alluring designs add nice tone to this historical release. Limited edition of 500 copies.
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ATALYJA "Saula Riduolėla" CD digipack
The famous Lithuanian folk-rock band ATALYJA presents its third album: its solar theme is revealed not only through lyrics but also via fresh and sunny sound. The album uniquely combines solid rock composition, world improvisation and experiments, while the multicoloured instrumentation is adorned by traditional Lithuanian kanklės, bagpipe, violins, along with Indian bansuri and tabla. The sound is solid, delicate and inflaming. The twelve tracks include charming Samogitian songs, Latvian mythological saga, interpretations of sutartinės (glees), few surprising compositions and a dramatic culmination "Eglė's Curse" (motif from the epic Lithuanian fairy tale). The album is dedicated to the Millenium of Lithuania.Presented in a white 4 panel digipack.
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ATALYJA "Žemaitiu ruoks" MCD
Lithuanian folk-rock at its best, with sparkling Yule moods. An extended play pre-release, unveiling three album songs from a forthcoming third ATALYJA CD "Saula riduolėla" (Riding Sun), plus three electronic remixes and one special instrumental track. Fresh solar sound of masterfully played songs uniquely combines ‘hard’ composition, improvisation and experiments, while the multicoloured instrumentation is adorned by Indian bansuri and tabla. The powerful title song "Samogitian rock" is presented with two different electronic remixes, together with more bonus tracks making this release a special one for every ATALYJA fan. 7 tracks. Limited edition of 333 copies.

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SKYLĖ "Lukiškių pieva" CD digipack
Skylė is a well known Lithuanian band that plays an original poetic rock and has been recording great albums for many years. "Lukiškių pieva" CD edition is a re-release of the cult record from 1996, newly designed and improved. The long play is filled with melancholy, sentimental strings, as well as folkish spree, reggae and colorful poetic characters. Lyric melodies are nicely accomponied by violin, accordion, flute and some exotic instruments. Charismatic group leader Rokas was the main vocalist here, while famous singer Aistė Smilgevičiūtė stepped in then doing back vocals. 13 nostalgic flower-power songs in a colorific 4 panel digipack.
20Lt/€10  | details / samples

DONIS "Švilpiai" CD special box
Delicate, profound, enshrouding ambient by famous Lithuanian composer. This dedicated project was performed with the authentic clay whistles made by Lithuanian sculptor Antanas Mončys (1921-1993). A skilful touch of other instruments is very fractional and delightful. Unique natural sounding brings tranquil tenebrous atmosphere, gently drifting into primeval arcane world, slightly reminding a feel of the greatest Wejdas records. The whole album is one solid 55 min. track, continually revealing a pleasure of extraordinary Donis' music artistry and quality. Recorded in 2002, "Švilpiai" had several CDr editions, and here it sees the first official release. CD comes in a neat cardboard box (limited to 500 copies). It is recommended to listen to it quietly...
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VILKDUJA "Vakar duona" CD digipack
Dangus is glad to present an exclussive album of VILKDUJA, a notable project in Lithuanian neo-folk and industrial scene, originated by Povilas Vaitkevicius. The first official release "Vakar duona" (Yesterday's bread) amazes and charms with original sounding, - meeting neo-cabaret revel, smooth neo-folk echoes, velvet of old pop melody, cosmic tremble of noisy industrial electronic, melting trip-hop and marching tribal rhythms. All post- and neo- at the same time. The fairy-tale trip is full of passion, mystery and melancholia, guided by magic poetry and original vocals. So VILKDUJA's weird hymnal art becomes a creaky door to Another world in twilight... Special digipack edition includes 9 tracks and is limited to 333 copies, each having a personal immediate touch.

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MANO JUODOJI SESUO "Essential Curse - Best of MJS 1992-2007" CD+DVD
A great retrospective of MANO JUODOJI SESUO audio and video manifestations during 15 years of Lithuanian gothic scene pioneering. Limited edition DVD unfolds all 9 videos, live footage, exclussive remixes and nostalgic photo gallery of the group. And audio CD presents best cold romantic songs from all band's albums and few unreleased tracks. New-looking visuals and well mastered music shows early offspring years of Lithuanian gothic rock, and goes to new modern hits of today. Therefore this topful collection is a nice grab to any serious music lover. Double disc special release in a super-jewel DVD box. Limited to 200 copies.
25Lt /€10  | details / samples audio/video

MANO JUODOJI SESUO "Essential Curse - Best of MJS 1992-2007" CD
A great retrospective of MANO JUODOJI SESUO hits during 15 years of Lithuanian gothic scene pioneering. Well produced CD presents best cold romantic songs from all 5 band's albums and few unreleased tracks. Earlier MJS songs from "Byra byra karoliukai", "Reinkarnacija" and "Belamy" albums are especially interesting, for until now they were released only on tapes that are vanished for long time. The memoires of Cocteau Twins and The Cure era rock are followed by modern synth-pop and darker gothic wave hits from CDs "Synthetique" and "Dogmatic". So surely this nice melancholic trip will cast its curse on every loving heart... CD released in a super-jewel-box, 19 songs.
20Lt / €10  | details / samples

PIEVOS "Mėnuli baltas" CD slipcase
The original Lithuanian group's second album shines with a strong poetry and ancient folklore, dark alternative rock, acoustic tunes. The rich female singing of vocalist Virginija is impressive indeed, accompanied with solid guitar lines, melancholic violin, flute and accordion harmonies which add a fine neo-folk feel. Tinted with exciting strokes, the poetical music of Pievos carries us on the wings of soulful harmonies to the northern Lithuania, where one can find answers to all the questions of life among the charm whispering meadows, praying trees and lurking mires. Lyrics in Lithuanian. CD comes with a nice wrapper, 11 songs.

20Lt / €10  | details / samples

STROPS "Likuma burts" CD digipack
The solid fullenght release from Latvian industrial group which has unique sounding, atmosphere and concept. The "Likuma burts" (Letter of the Law) penetrates one's mind with massive layers of noisy industrial in combination with metallic percussion and ambient fever. The dramatic martial opus shines with a distinct Strops (Bee-hive) peal, - transcendent, anxious and snug. Latvian speaking barricade industrial documentaries air strong anti-consumerist concept, a hint of despise towards globalisation and philistinism, a resistant message about forgotten price of freedom paid again only 16 years ago... 10 tracks in aesthetic digipack, printed on a special cardboard paper. Released in collaboration with Sturm. Limited to 500 copies.

/ €10
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ANDAJA "Iš atminties" CD
Burning storm of warlike Baltic metal! Truly outstanding piece of primeval epic art thunders with severe blackened riffing, original melodic arrangements, tearing vocals and profound keyboard passages. "Iš atminties" (From the memory) is dedicated to the great world of Forefathers and still living Gods, drawing elemental ideology from history, folklore, mythology and personal experience. This surprising, uprising, well matured debut continues the best traditions of unique Lithuanian Heathen scene, started in 90s by the legendary acts Poccolus, Ha Lela and Zpoan Vtenz. Sincere and true, the majestic Spirit marches on, leaving no one indifferent. Seven odes are presented with impressive artwork, 12 p. booklet, lyrics in Lithuanian.

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ŽENKLAS X "Take" CD digipack
The enchanting acoustic improvisation of ethno sound and contemporary music - a new experimental delight from the legendary Lithuanian artists' group, reborned after 15 years! Played with variety of natural acoustic instruments, these 8 songs intake one to the mantric world of cozy mysterious sound, adding to archaic origins the oriental element, ambient, free-jazz, world, subtle electronic and avantgarde. Really calm and pleasant album, bringing folklore spirit, though never quoting it. Composed to listen and to find a personal bond with the language of sounds this record is to experience diversity and enjoy acoustic festivity. CD comes in a deluxe digipack, limited 1000 pcs.
25Lt / €10
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Astounding brand new album from Lithuanian cult band, waited for 8 long years! The opus is charming with sincere lyric melodies, rock and acoustic strings, extravagant darkwave pulse, piano and elegant female assistance to Aurelius Sirgedas singing. Matured hearty songs remains the outstanding own-brand of Siela since the very start in 1990. And the 7th bands longplay surprises with a perfect modern sounding, produced by the maestro himself, making "Dali" the best Siela album ever and leaving no one indifferent. CD presents 10 hits sung in English and Lithuanian, plus video "The Crow" and tiny designs.
25Lt / €10  
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DONIS "Bite lingo" CD digipack
Magnificent Donis album nicely blending archaic folklore and contemporary music. The ancient heathen chants were sung by a talented vocalist Rasa Serra, charming and thrilling with tender deep female voice. The sublime sounding is charged with neat Donis' electronic architecture, atmospheric guitar fusion, kanklës and violin playing, and folk ensemble Kurðiø Ainiai chorus. The album as well includes two remixes of the title track by weird electronic composers Driezhas and McKaras. The 5th fullenght Donis creation sounds unique and solid, presenting a tremendous vitality in the Baltic post-folklore scene. Digipack deluxe CD includes 10 compositions.
SOLD OUT  | details / samples

LETHE "Lethe City" CD digipack
Album presents a unique painting & music project by Lithuanian avantgarde scene veteran Artûras Ðlipavièius (co-founder of I.V.T.K.Y.G.Y.G.) and famous jazz virtuoso Vytautas Labutis. This surreal musical journey takes one to a mysterious, yet adventurous and perty world of Lethe - an esoteric city on the edge between worlds. Inspired by Tibetan Book of the Dead and Plato, professional though really weird, performed with dozen of classic and exotic instruments and chorus, this album stays outside of any generalisation. CD comes in a deluxe 8 panel digipack illustrated by the painting series of Lethe.
25Lt / €10  | details / samples


Smart and distinctive Baltic industrial, blending rough electronic music, tribal rhythmics and ethno-cosmic visions, which are the core here. "Sakai" (Resin) is a debut album of a promising Lithuanian duo who stand for avantgardist ideas, noiseous lo-fi aesthetics, analogue signals, psychedelic ambienté and good poetry with original vocal style. Thats a magic heathen adventure on a modern industrial highway, where instead of urban smog you have starlit vaults, and dripping honey, milk and resin instead of gasoline... Choose your trip. Choose amber vision. - Lets really explore! CD includes 9 tracks and special rough printed lay-out.
20Lt / €9  
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WEJDAS "Žemės Alsavimas" CD
Amber ambient originators are back after five years of wise silence. This time it is a profound journey into the depth of earth - "Earth Breath", the sixth Wejdas album. It shivers with magic tenebrous ambient and entrancing tribal parts, fey poetry and solid modern sound. Highly empyreal atmosphere with strong ethnic experience. Wejdas consists of two original Baltic composers - Donatas Bielkauskas (Donis) and Darius Gerulaitis (Ensemble SP). The album has 8 parts and takes your mind away for 70:07 min.
20Lt / €9
  | samples

LAHKA MUZA "V Zablesku Večnosti (In a Flash of Eternity)" CD extra digipack
The 5th  full-lenght album from legendary Slovakian band presents sublime gothic-industrial darkwave with outstanding hexen vocals by mistress Gudrun Snake. Charming with sensual beauty, deep ritualism, lambent melancholia and dark sexuality this opus also unveils a peculiar sort of esoteric rhythmics. Its entrancing pulse, driven by strong chanting, ornamental guitars and powerful modern machinery, creates an elegant equilibrium on the edge between magic and industrial. It is the first "international" Dangus release. The trim digipack CD includes 9 songs and heavy multimedia galleries.
LAST COPIES • 25Lt / €10


ATALYJA "Močia" CD digipack
Dulcet string of beautiful folk songs and vehement rock music flows with bright feeling. Fairylike female and male tones nicely entwine with vital musical arrangements. The songs were recorded using traditional viola, bagpipes, kankles (zither), violins, pan-pipes, guitars and drums, also several oriental instruments, adding a touch of Indian music. "Mocia" stands for "Mother" and refers to the origins of all Indo-European nations. That’s the second full-lenght of Atalyja, one of the most professional live groups in Lithuania. It was recorded by fifteen renowned musicians and singers. Smooth digipack CD includes 12 songs and a video.
SOLD OUT  | sample video

AMBER TRIBES compilation CD slipcase special
A concept compilation presenting the new wave of original Baltic music - tribal electronic, dark ambient, industrial linked to heathen folklore and various ethnic segments. Amber Tribes features 15 avantgarde bands and projects from Lithuania and Estonia - Forgotten Sunrise, Donis, McKaras, Atalyja, Zpoan Vtenz, Sedu, Girnu Giesmes, Wejdas, Lauxna Lauksna, Welnakis, Spanxti, Agyria, a20d, Antigone, Ensemble SP. Though vary in style these exclussive tracks have a generic will and CD plays like one album, making a solid scene showcase with unique spirit. CD comes in a special runic package with neat designs.


The joint project by famous Baltic ritual folk company Kulgrinda and a noble neofolk artist Donis - archaic Winter Solstice chants with profound and subtle musical arrangements. The sacred experience of the time, when the whole world gets restarted by the greatest and most enigmatic primal God. One of His manifestations is named Sotvaras. The new cycle begins with clear refined beauty ambient, followed by various folk instruments, tranquil atmospheric passages and really old pagan chants, carrying the eternal tale about the magic origin of the world. Now you can FEEL it. 8 pieces with nice medieval designs.
25Lt / €10 | samples

SKARDAS "Neocron" CD digipack
The jewel of contemporary electronic music! After 5 years of dramatic experiments Skardas, the gifted sound architect, became a real discovery of Lithuanian scene, offering an outstanding album rich in sensations, gallant mechanics and qualitative sounding. A deep blue sea of idm drillcore here is troubled by dark industrial lashes, bruising noises and rustling ambient breaks, exploring new savage spaces in one's mind. There were rumours saying Skardas have signed a contract with WARP and after listening to this album you will know why. 11 compositions - one hour of progressive twilight in a smooth digipack release.

25Lt / €10 | sample


SIELA "Už Regėjimo Lauko" CD
Legendary classics of the Baltic gothic scene. This opus, created back in 1994, was released on MC and gained huge popularity for the band at home and abroad. So deservedly it is often called the “main gothic album of Lithuania”. 8 original, well known velvet songs - Sproges Mano Tikejimas, Miego Arterija, Kryzium, Violeja, Fosforo Rate, Uz Regejimo Lauko, Kiaurai Regejimus and Kristolu Skamba - on this CD are accompanied by two new electronic versions, created in 2003 by I.Kofas and Trolis. Re-released album also comes with remastered sound and new designs.
25Lt / €10 | sample

KŪLGRINDA "Perkūno Giesmės (Hymns to Perkūnas)" CD
The greatest Baltic ritual folk group thunders with a second concept CD from the Baltic Chants series. Beautiful archaic hymns are dedicated to Perkunas - the mighty Thunderer, the main god of Baltic heathen pantheon. Therefore many album songs are led by strong voices of men and accompanied by pagan drums, using authentic incantations and recalling shivering arcane feeling. Two hymns have remarkably subtle mastertouch of Donis. The strongest and most impressive Kulgrinda’s record for sure. 15 tracks and a comprehensive booklet (in Lithuanian and English) with stunning designs.


TROLIS & THE GIBERLINGERS "Quark Gluon Plasma" audio/video CD
Dynamic and enigmatic musical poetry, telling a story about the beginning of the Universe. Electronic shamanism is about to fill your room with new aesthetics, fresh air, experimental waves, original tribal/trance rhythmics and massive snow-slips of dark ambient. Travel in time to remember the prehistoric times when every new day began from creating the World. One composition was contributed by prominent Finnish composer Seba of Dead Reptile Shrine. CD includes 8 pulsating audio tracks and 2 animated video clips.
Refresh your cosmos!
0Lt / €9 | sample video

SHADOWDANCES "The River of Lost" CD
Highly emotional heavy music, well composed and well performed - the long awaited full-lenght debut (!!!) from one of the oldest and the best Baltic bands. 10 darkening tales in a form of artful gothic metal, created with a same sense of great musical freedom, which such bands as Anathema, Type O’Negative, The Cult, etc are famous for. Filled with fragile melancholia, dark dramatics, oriental elements and screaming blue fire dreams, this album will surely hit Your astral body... Lyrics in English.
• SOLD OUT  | sample


An album of yet unclassified aesthetics – post-experimental substance of multi-layered futuristic psychodelia and new cosmic interpretation of archaic folklore. The sixth release of Lithuanian premier darkwave industrial project unveils the massive power of original compositions. Created for 2 years, polished in every detail, secretly radiant with a new sound quality, CD “Procesai” enables an attentive listener to cross the frontier of Unconsciousness. It sounds like illegal music, so play it on high quality equipment. 8 tracks. Well designed.

New electronic elegance from the legendary band that has been at the very beginning of the Lithuanian gothic scene. After several notable releases in mid 90s and almost 5 years of silence Mano Juodoji Sesuo returns with a new synthpop sounding – where Kraftwerk meets Depeche Mode. In spite of strong ebm influences MJS retains their romantic notes of cool sadness and melancholy. C’est un album dynamique dans la mouvance de la nouvelle electro-goth balte. L’album, au design formidable, est composé de 10 titres. Les paroles sont en lituanien. Les Ténebres vous invitent ? la danse!


KŪLGRINDA "Ugnies Apeigos (Rite of Fire)" CD
Kūlgrinda is a ritual group of authentic Baltic folklore – the main gathering of such nature in Lithuania since 1990. The second Kulgrinda album, first time on CD, perpetuates the Rite of Fire – the most important rite in the Baltic tradition. During the ritual, glorification of the sacred Fire is accompanied by ancient songs, dances and stories, which date back to the early Middle Ages. This includes sutartines – unique archaic polyphonic songs and lyrical songs accompanied by kankles (zither), violin, panpipes and drums. The Rite of Fire has been carried out at a number of European music festivals. The exhaustive album booklet provides you descriptions of the group, the Ritual, meanings of the songs and lyrics both in Lithuanian and English translations.
25Lt / €10

The marvellous ancient Lithuanian folklore with new energy>! New joint project of former metal band Ugnelakis and ritual folk ensemble Kulgrinda singers comes up with this debut album. 14 vocalists participated in recording of this magical combination, empowered by lovely female chorus, well performed guitar, bass and keyboard lines and original cyclic folk style. Some bronzed experiments would be surely of a nice suprise. 9 remarkable songs for virginal universal journey and cheerful beer tasting as well!
20Lt / €9

DONIS "Baltos Juodos Klajos" audio/video CD
The brand new experimental solo album of Notanga and ex-Wejdas member Donatas Bielkauskas. Ambiental snow-fresh music, that was recorded with piano and handbells only, gives a sense of absolute purity and profound tranquility – the distinctive Donis manner his art is famous for. A multimedia video illustration of the whole 30 min. composition was created and produced together with talented video artists Ernas Simkunas. Stop for a moment... and enjoy the high-quality ethereal peace.
| sample

DARK FIRE DANCING IV compilation CD + Lighter
The fourth and final chapter of cult Dark Fire Dancing series. Making the ancient Sunwheel and Fire Circle complete. Ultimate representation of Pagan, Black, Atmospheric, Folk metal and ambient from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – the compilation with strong original concept based on authentic martial folklore and Pagan revivalism. For the first time dark music bands from all three Baltic lands are featured on one CD. Each copy has attached a special blackmetaller's lighter saying "Visit your local church at night". Original full-color designs with extensive information on every act, lyrics, and even their English translations. 15 tracks, 79 min.
25Lt / €10


  >>> CDR RELEASES 2000-2001

NOTANGA "Laukti Liko Nebedaug" CDr

New progressive cyber-folkcore band from Baltic scene rises its flag! An interesting powerfull fusion of folklore, extreme though danceable electronica and hard guitar riffing. Recorded by 5 stalkers: McKaras, Donis, Ugn Lioge, Liukas (Girnu Giesmes) and Trolis (Obtest). Burning pure Energy is generated and manifested into ecstatic transcendental stream to explore the esoteric secrets of Prussia! Debut  mini-album comes in 6 tracks, 30+ min., imposing designs, lyrics in Lithuanian and old Prussian.

RUINATION "Drive to Live" MCDr

The best alternative melodic metal/rock band of Lithuania returns with a new mini-album, which marks a brand new chapter in Ruination’s career. Strong riffing based floating space music is professionally recorded with a famous ex-Spellbound vocalist Sigitas Vëlyvis and often is compared to the sounding of Paradise Lost. A tasteful experience of 4 tracks, 20 min., pro-manufactured CDr. Lyrics in English.

Probably the darkest and the most profound work of honourable Lithuanian experimental act. Nice ambience, sunk in shadows, calm visions of Apocalypse, old clock pulse and folk elements. Touch of minimalism, industrial, trip-hop. Something strange, unexpected, clearly visual and meaningfully pleasant for the devoted darkwave lover. An intriguing message from the new musical era. Get the CD and arrange the festival of darkest orchestras in your house! Narratives in Lithuanian. 8 tracks, 44 min., pro-manufactured CDr w/ great poligraphy and designs.

The fourth full lenght album from Lithuanian dark metal scene masters. Old good thrash/heavy/black metal with catchy refrains, original melodies and tender ballads! “Alkis” (Hunger) lyrics are based on a Pagan concept, words sang in Lithuanian language with some Samogitian folklore. The frontman Zydrius Augulis shows he is one of the top singers in Lithuanian metal scene! Impressive album artwork is made by Zydrius himself. MC version is available as well. 12 tracks, 45 min., full color lay-out. The best Lithuanian heavy album of prey!
20Lt/€8  | sample | sample video


>>> MCs - (some of) CASSETTE RELEASES


ATAKA "Thunder Gott" MC + mini book
Highest quality Progressive Industrial electronic music with tasteful touch of Ambient. Very nice done.  MC includes fullcolor booklet "The Diary of Apocalypse" with artful GFX images. The aim is culture terrorism, seeking to treat down the ethics of so-called common values. The type of art inseparable from technology. The first release of Dangus electronic sublabel Saula Records. 16 insane tracks, 70+ minutes, fullcolor.


V/A DARK FIRE DANCING IV compilation MC + Lighter
MC version of this great compilation includes 4 bonus tracks by Meressin, Manatark, Ha Lela and Dissimulation.Each copy has attached a special blackmetaller's lighter saying "Visit your local church at night". Original full-color designs and long long inlay with extensive information on every act. 18 tracks, 96 min.

MERESSIN "Pasiutę Šunys" maxi single MC
The pre-release of third Meressin album “Alkis” (out in 2001). "Mad Dogs" maxi single includes 2 album tracks and 4 exclusive live songs. Old way black’n’roll with truly devilish spirit. 2 color pro-printed cover.


MISOPSYCHIA "Our Purpose is as Maggots..." + “Mutantabort” MC  
Two albums – of 1999 and 2000 - on one tape. Modern, well performed metal of 90-ies, with influences from industrial, thrash, noise, psychedelic, power electronic, cannibal hardcore, etc. Featuring members of Ruination, Oral Climax and Hi-Tech Hate. 13 tracks in full-color layout.
8Lt/€4 ...last copies!


SHADOWDANCES "Burning Shadows" MC
Atmospheric shadow metal - it's difficult to describe their music in other way. Strong death/grind legacy from Conscious Rot (the first band of drummer/singer Juodas) years collide with plenty of multi-sided magic melodies of non-metal genres – primary rock and gothic. Strongest emotions in the land of eternal sunsets... 5 songs were released
as MCD on Abstract Emotions (Spain). This tape includes 2 extra tracks. 7 tracks, 30 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics. 


 >>> SOLD OUT MCs / nebeplatinami leidiniai

ANUBI "Mirties Metafora" MC

Obscure and sombre Dark metal with opera-type vocals of well-known Martynas Meskauskas (aka Lord Ominous), that mystically died in April 2002. “The Metaphor of Death”... - what an oracular grotesque... The third and the best ever release of this old, Egyptian mythology-inspired band. 7 tracks, 35min., b/w cover, lyrics.


ARS MORIENDI "Sightlessness" MC
Dark Doom metal with strong influences of Gothic and Black metal and Classical Renaissance themes as well. Few vocal lines (female, choruses), powerful riffing and crying violins. Fading into grey winter… 8 tracks, 40 min., colour cover w/ lyrics.

V/A “Dark Fire Dancing III” 2MC
A double tape with the most prominent Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian dark music  performers includes well-known acts like Poccolus, Zpoan Vtenz, Anubi, Tharaphita, SkyForger, Forgotten Sunrise, Wejdas, Ha Lela, Winter Night Overture etc along with promising newcomers. For the first time underground bands from all three Baltic countries were presented on one compilation release. 23 bands, 25 songs, very special fullcolor packaging, booklet, and more than two and a half hour of original Baltic music.

V/A "Dark Fire Dancing II" MC
Pagan/Black/Darkwave compilation including Wejdas, Poccolus, Anubi, Laume, Meressin, Akys, Ha Lela, Girnu Giesmes, Caduceus, Nahash, Zpoan Vtenz, Valefar, Sovijus, Eirime, and Sala. A follow-up to the successful "Dark Fire Dancing", the first release of Dangus Productions. The aim was to collect all the best in the dark music genre and to deliver a complete view to the Lithuanian scene development. High-quality artwork and booklet with information on all bands. 15 tracks, 90 min.

V/A "Dark Fire Dancing" MC
The very first serious Dangus MC release featuring Lithuanian Pagan dark music pioneers: Akys, Anubi, Nahash, Poccolus and Wejdas. Released in 1994 this legendary, almost hand-made tape, that had tremendous influence on whole Baltic scene. It featured 10 tracks and ~60 minutes of burning ideas.

V/A “Death Comes'93” MC
Compilation of 1993 Death/Grind metal explosion in Lithuania, featuring 6 cult bands: Katedra, Regredior, Consciuos Rot, Graveside, Dissection and Mortuary Property! 13 tracks, fullcolor cover. Co-release with Zona Records.


DISSIMULATION "Juodo Mėnulio Pasveikinta" MC
Straightforward, mysterious and warlike Baltic Black metal. A debut tape of this no-compromise band that emerged from Lithuanian Uplands town Anyksciai. 6 tracks, 25 min., classy cover. Lyrics in Lithuanian.


EIRIMĖ "Kuršjoi" MC
Ethnic/ethereal music from neo-folklore band featuring two members of Wejdas. The songs are inspired by ethnics of the ancient tribe Kurshi. Folf instruments, nature sounds and keyboards were used for music. Lyrics in ancient Lithuanian language. Feel the breathe of the sea... 8 tracks, 25 min., b/w cover and lyrics.


GARLAND "Crushed Tomorrow" MC
Refreshing and powerful metal music with Gothic metal, Thrash and Death influences. Shifting energy, harsh assaults and emotional lyricism. + Female vocals, sax and more surprises
! Nice debut from this Southern Lithuania outfit. Freedom! 6 tracks, 35 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics.

GIRNŲ GIESMĖS "Brėkšta" / ŠALIKAPALIKAU "Trilogija Agnozija" split MC
The joint MC from two leaders in Lithuanian experimental music. Also it is the heaviest, darkest and most cruel work of GG so far. Projects present 3 tracks each, 60 min. of  lost sense + very nice fullcolor artwork.


GIRNŲ GIESMĖS "Juodi Vasaros Trimitai" MC
Dark hypnotic Industrial/Ambient – smth you've never heard before. Obscure hopelessness, loopy party of wartime, giant machines noise, grotesque and fear. The moment when you loose bonds of this reality. Let the inhuman darkness enter your mind!! It’s second album. 6 tracks, 40 min., fullcolor cover.


Very original and non-standard Avantgarde/Postmodern music with conscience flowing waves of Ambient. The world of "Kerai" is always moving, spinning, charging with new sounds, creating moods and sensations... It is a view to the new era of music, where sounds, which mark progress, are nicely compatible with Ethnic traditions and Classics. One-man project that surprised many. 6 tracks, 45 min., b/w cover.


HA LELA "Pabudimas" MC
Haunting Pagan/Folk metal performed by one of the greatest Lithuanian band. 4 re-recorded tracks from their legendary demo and 3 new ones. Clear folk melodies, original lyrics and inspiring, memorable eerie emotions… Later re-released MC included also bonus track 'Kardarankis'.
The CD version was released on Neat Metal (UK). 8 tracks, 45 min., fullcolor cover, Lithuanian lyrics.

KŪLGRINDA "Ugnies Apeigos (Rite of Fire)" MC
Authentic Baltic ritual folklore – d
uring the ritual, glorification of the sacred Fire is accompanied by ancient songs, dances and stories, which date back to the early Middle Ages. This includes sutartines – unique archaic polyphonic songs and lyrical songs accompanied by kankles (zither), violin, panpipes and drums.


LUNATIC PARADISE "Piktojo Amžiaus Rauda" MC
Thrash/Death metal with Folk/Jazz influences. The band was popular and very innovative back in 1994/1995. The only thing left is this cult record... 5 tracks, 25 min., b/w cover, Lithuanian lyrics.

MERESSIN "Satan, Oro Te, Reo Portas Patere" MC
Old-wave black metal. You can feel that old evil spirit that made people insane in the early days of Black metal triumph. This debut album made Meressin one of the most popular bands in Lithuania. Strong, heavy, melodic music with original singing style. 8 tracks, 40 min. b/w cover + lyrics in English.



MANATARK "Roosteitk" MC
Thunderous epic Pagan/Black metal from Estonia. Debut album performed by Draconic - member of Tharaphita and Carnifex. Raging, bleeding and philosophical and meditative as well, with strong anti-christian attitude. 9 tracks, 50 min., b/w cover, lyrics in Estonian.This album was intended for re-release on CD, so if interested, You can try to find it through artists' wesite.

The fourth full lenght album from the masters of Lithuanian dark metal scene. Old good thrash/heavy/black metal with catchy refrains, original melodies and tender ballads! “Alkis” (Hunger) lyrics are based on Pagan concept, words sang in Lithuanian language with some elements of Samogitian folklore. The frontman Zydrius Augulis shows he is one of the top singers in Lithuanian metal scene! Impressive album artwork is made by Zydrius himself. 12 tracks, 45 min., full color lay-out. The best album of prey!

MODUS "Užsikrėtę Mirtimi (Infected by Death)” MC
A debut album of Lithuanian industrial music pioneers from small Marijampole town in Southern Lithuania. This tape features 8 various electronic songs with original sounding and experimenting, recorded in 1993. Hard native lyrics and interpretation of Lt poetress Salomeja Neris poem "Kaip Zydejimas Vysnios" adds a special spice to this outstanding work.

ORAL CLIMAX "Pseudointellectual Ultraimpotential Hypermasturbation" MC
ZVR 01
The first release of Dangus’ extreme art sublabel Zverys Records. Lithuanian grind/noise pioneers return with crazy and tuneful madness! Very catchy grinding, noising, fucking rock. Extreme attitude, anti-humanism and crazy jokes.
16 tracks, 25 min, very nice fullcolor cover with lyrics.


OUTSHINE "Engine Of Souls" MC

The best new Lithuanian band of 1998. Debut record – 100 % of inflaming metal full of energy and beauty!!! VERY MELODIC and catchy, slightly reminding Swedish/Finnish metal style. Nice playing techniques and nice production. 5 tracks, 25 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics.


PIEVOS "Pasilikus su Vienatve" MC
NV002; BMK97024
Acoustic neo-folk with strong, clear and extremely sensitive female vocals. Virga’s voice, guitars, flute, violin and percussions create atmosphere of romantic eve, full of Nature tenderness... Incl. members of local doom metal act In Dreams Burried Ages. 13 songs,  fullcolor cover, lyrics in Lthuanian. Out on former Dangus sublabel Nova 96 Records.


POCCOLUS "Poccolus" MC
Warlike Pagan metal. Fast, burning, and melodic! Started in 1993, Poccolus were one of the first Black metal bands in Lithuania. Today they have a good name and are respected for honest and intelligent heathen approach to the Dark Art. After highly reputed 4-track promo tape'94, this was the only full-length release of Poccolus. Released in CD format on Hammerheart Productions and sold out as well. 10 songs, 45 min., silver cover w/ lyrics in Lithuanian.


RUINATION "Rests Of Beauty" MC
The very first release of the famous Lithuanian melodic dark metal band. Atmospheric death/doom metal in emotional delirium - 5 tracks, color cover, English lyrics.


SIELA "Tavęs Man Reikėjo" MC
NV003; BMK97034
Gothic rock. The latest album release of this Lithuanian premier act. The moody songs performed unplugged, with acoustic guitars mainly. The album has that outstanding valiant party spirit Siela was always famous for. Full color cover, 11 songs, lyrics in Lithuanian. Released on former Dangus sublabel Nova 96 Records together with BMK/Zona. Re-released by band on CDR in 2005.


SIELA "Juodo Opiumo Žemė" MC
Gothic rock. The third album and the first official release of all time Lithuanian favourites. "Black Opium Land" marks the time, when Siela turned into gothic fields. Dark mood, dreamy soundscapes and, as always, impressive lyrics. B/w cover, 10 songs, lyrics in Lithuanian. Was released on on former Dangus sublabel Nova 96 Records in 1996. Then re-released by band on CDR in 2004.


One of the oldest Lithuanian band offers their second record which was nominated the Best metal music album of 1999 in Lithuania. Burnished in very detail, with really great originality, charming melodies, clear strong vocals (and drop of melancholy), surrealistic lyrics and incomparable fantasy - it’s the golden line in the history of Lithuanian metal. 10 songs, 55 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics.


Probably the best and most expressive metal band of Estonia! Their debut album is notable for the peculiar, high class Pagan Heavy metal. Strong riffing, raging vocals, inflaming melodies and nice touch of ancient folklore make us love this great band
! As one in heart and spirit against the name of christ! 6 songs, 45 min., black/greenish cover incl. lyrics (in Estonian).

UGNĖLAKIS "Ugnėlakis" MC
This band were the most promising newcomers of the year 1999. They have presented a piece of qualitative, intensive Pagan metal made of burning darkness,  secrets and spells. 7 tracks, 45 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics in Lithuanian (included).
Later the band members have formed ensembles Zalvarinis, Vilkduja, Lauxna Lauksna, Andaja and others.

WEJDAS "Wejdas" MC
MC version of this great album. The best work of Wejdas, the premier Lithuanian act in ambient music. Unique and profound Pagan amber ambient, with authentic folk instruments and really savage atmosphere… Licensed from Red Stream (USA). Full color layout.

Purely tribal and ambiental, the third recording of famous Lithuanian experimental pagan music act. No special effects, no electronics - just pure space and natural sounds. It is music of secrets, signs, stars, and mornings, - the music of amber. Sold out. 1 track, 45 min., b/w cover.

ZPOAN VTENZ "Gimę Nugalėt" MC
Melodic Pagan/Ethnic metal featuring members of Poccolus and a professional folk singer Vilma. Almost an earth-shaking debut album. Actually, it is not a metal with folk influences, but pure ethnic/folk music with metal influences.
Was released in CD format on Eldethorn/Neat Metal. 9 tracks, 45 min., color cover.