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The new album Undēina from the Prussian neofolk band Romowe Rikoito is a magic journey to the modern Western Baltic world, the Aestian archipelago that is invisible on the surface, but continues to live and breathe in the reality of the present. The spiritual expedition begins in the groves of the Sambia Peninsula and follows the winding roads of the Kriwes through the temples and capitals of the ancient faith accompanied by the deepest archetypal mysteries, washed by the rivers and seas, and surrounded by the sands of the rhythmical time and the eternity of the constellations.

The twelve compositions of the album denote personal experiences on the sites dating back to the most prominent Prussian priests of the 16th century, Waltīn Suplīt and Merūn. Undēina carries the symbols and the secrets of their memory through the chthonic maps of Aīsta from Klaipėda, Juodkrantė and Kretinga to Königsberg, Gdańsk, Allenstein, Rominta and Varėna... All the sounds in the album have been authentically experienced and gathered during trips to the forests, riverbanks, places of worship, abandoned forts and other sites.

The fourth album from Romowe Rikoito has more musical layers as compared to the previous records. The album begins with a ritualistic and ethnic atmosphere which is then gradually replaced by the dark folk aesthetics. The music was recorded using acoustic instruments – guitars, violins, piano, percussion, kanklės, whistles, etc.

Most of the lyrics in Undēina are performed in the (un)forgotten and reborn Prussian language. Accompanied by waves of melancholy, the sound of the ancient language offers an exclusively intense Baltic experience that cannot be described and perceived though scientific terms alone.

Undēina was recorded by Niktorius, the founder of Romowe Rikoito, together with his companion Āulaukis and several guest musicians in 2010–2012. Last year, the music was refined in Donis’ mobile ethnic music studio.

On 26 March 2014, the record was released by Dangus label. The 74 minute CD is presented in an exclusively cut digipack case and features expressive visual design as well as a 28 page booklet full of Prussian mythology symbols, rare pictures, and lyrics in Prussian and English. The album should also be released as a double vinyl.

Music and hiding places of “Undēina” can be found at the band’s website.
Be warned – this is no easy road...

CD price: EUR 12.
Release information and ordering:

Music and visions:

01. Bewangiskas pintegas pagaūsenis
02. Rantawa /play
03. Swentagrēiwa /play
04. Kunnegsgarbs
05. Twānksta town /play
06. Āustrawīdja
07. Merūnas dwars
08. Merūnas meddjan
09. Skaītan /play
10. Dēinawas deināina
11. Undēinas dajā
12. Bewangiskas pintegas wangā

Playing time 74 min.


dangus [c] 2014