Dangus offers the biggest and most diverse catalogue of dark independent and folklore music 
from Baltics. It is devided into
5 stylistic sections to meet various interests better. 
New additions are outlined in red. Temporary unavailable and recently sold out items - faded to grey.


Folklore and Post-folk

ATALYJA "Saula Riduolėla" digipack CD Dangus 30Lt/12
... The third, brightly solar album made by the best known Lithuanian folk rock group. "Saula riduolėla" (Riding Sun) presents new "ecologic" sound of Atalyja, folk melodies and instrumental improvisations - a solid release in a white 4 panel digipack. Dangus release
ATALYJA "Žemaitiu ruoks" MCD Dangus 20Lt/10
An extended play pre-release, unveiling 3 original songs from a forthcoming Atalyja CD "Saula riduolėla", plus 3 bonus electronic remixes and a very special instrumental. The charming title song "Samogitian rock" has two more different versions, one made by Donis. Joining folk rock and subtle electronic artistry result in oustanding atmosphere! 7 tracks. Limited edition of 333 copies. Dangus release
ATALYJA "Močia" digipack CD Dangus 30Lt/13
Dulcet string of beautiful folk songs and vehement rock music flows with bright feeling. That’s the second full-lenght of Atalyja, one of the most professional live groups in Lithuania. Fairylike female and male tones nicely entwine with vital musical arrangements using traditional and oriental instruments. Smooth digipack CD includes 12 songs + video. Dangus release

An onthology of oldest traditional music from all over Lithuania. Archive recordings collected between 1936 and 1984, compiled by Genovaite Cetkauskaite. CD inludes 46 songs - work, love, wedding, family, children songs, ritual calendar songs, songs of nature, dances, games, historical and war songs, and instrumental music.

DONIS "Bite lingo" digipack CD Dangus - OUT OF STOCK ---
Magnificent 5th Donis album nicely blending archaic folklore and contemporary music. The sublime sounding is charged with neat Donis' electronic architecture, enchanting Rasa Serra singing, atmospheric guitar fusion, kanklės and violin playing, and folk ensemble Kuršių Ainiai chorus, + two remixes from Driezhas and McKaras. Digipack deluxe, 10 songs. Dangus release
DONIS su KŪLGRINDA "Sotvaras" CD Dangus 25Lt/12
The joint project of famous Baltic ritual folk group and talented neofolk composer. Archaic Winter Solstice chants with profound and subtle musical arrangements - clear refined ambient, followed by various folk instruments in tranquil atmospheric passages. The sacred experience of the time, when the whole world gets restarted. 8 unique pieces. Dangus release

Album presents a traditional countryside folk music played by skilful accordionists from Rokiškis region, North-Eastern Lithuania. Thats outstanding entertainment folklore which is passing away together with the last performers, as nobody continues their tradition... This collection is a valuable document of authentic records, presenting popular polkas, waltzes, wedding marches as well as a rather frequent foxtrot. 24 tracks. Listen before you order: www mp3

KEISTO FOLKLORO GRUPĖ "Aleliumai loda" digipack CD 35Lt/14
The sixth Strange Folk Group's album was recorded live at a beautiful chamber concert, and presents 12 calm transcendental songs for Advent and Winter solstice time. A pure meditation with clear sound, various oriental instruments were used with archaic Lithuanian music - all melodic, melancholic and living. 59 min. Published in 2008. Samples: www mp3

KEISTO FOLKLORO GRUPĖ "Už jūrių marių" CD 30Lt/13
"Uz juriu mariu" (Far Away Over the Seas) is the fifth Strange Folklore Group's album in 10 years. The music is absorbed by almost cosmic yearning and light, pure voices and charming tranquil melodies, variety of Baltic folk instruments and strange exotic rattles. 18 songs that make you fly to the worlds of ancestors and gods. 59 min. Published in 2002.

KEISTO FOLKLORO GRUPĖ "Dainos įvairios" CD 30Lt/13
The Strange Folklore Group play almost every Lithuanian traditional instrument, adding few oriental sounds as well, and make it their very own way, - calm, melting, intimate and melancholic. The album "Various Songs" includes 22 tracks of beautiful tender ethnic meditation. 66 min. Published in 1998.

KEISTO FOLKLORO GRUPĖ "Apie smertį" CDr 28Lt/12
The first official release by The Strange Folklore Group - archaic Lithuanian songs "About Death". The music and themes come from really deep past... So gentle sound the voices and numerous folk instruments, so transcendental is the atmosphere and so strange tales lay beyond the eternal grief. 18 songs of otherwordly passage. 1996.

KŪLGRINDA "Giesmės Saulei (Hymns to the Sun)" digipack CD 35Lt/14
The Lithuanian ritual folk songs dedicated to the Mother Sun. The well known ensemble presents hymns of very ancient origins, that are sung at the dawn and at dusk, during rye harvest cycle, religious rituals. The cryptic nature of the 20 hymns symbolically repeats the heavenly travel of Solar bodies through rhytmic. Album includes English translations ::: mp3

KŪLGRINDA "Prūsų giesmės (Prussian Chants)" digipack CD 35Lt/14
The 4th Kulgrinda album all sung in archaic mysterious Prussian language. This is very important rare recording showing new life of old Prussian tongue, which was used in the most sacral Baltic land. The solo chanting of the group founders - Inija and Jonas Trinkunas - are especially impressive and meditative here. 17 chants, nice digipack w/ bookl. ::: listen mp3

KŪLGRINDA "Perkūno giesmės (Hymns to Perkunas)" CD Dangus 25Lt/12
The greatest Baltic ritual folk group thunders with a second concept CD. Beautiful archaic hymns are dedicated to Perkunas - the mighty Thunderer, the main god of Baltic heathen pantheon. Many songs are led by strong voices of men and accompanied by pagan drums, using authentic incantations. 15 chants + a comprehensive booklet (also in English). Dangus release

KŪLGRINDA "Ugnies apeigos (Rite of Fire)" CD Dangus 25Lt/12
During the ritual, glorification of the sacred Fire is accompanied by ancient songs, dances and stories, which date back to the early Middle Ages. This includes sutartines – unique archaic polyphonic songs. The exhaustive album booklet provides a descriptions of the group, the Ritual, meanings and lyrics both in Lithuanian and English. MC version available. Dangus release

KURŠIŲ AINIAI "Bėk, laivuži" CD Juosta Records 30Lt/12
The folklore from the Baltic Seashore is a special phenomenon in the Lithuanian folklore. Traditions of Lietuvininkai (ethnic of Lithuania Minor) are famous for distinctive songs with very gentle harmonies and melancholy, some German influences. Great CD presents 20 variuos fishing, family songs, legends, dances, + English and German descriptions. Samples - www mp3

LYLA "Bitinėlio raga" digipack CD 30Lt/12
The album joins a famous Lithuanian folk singer Veronika Povilionienė and Indian music group Lyla - E.Jepifanov of Atalyja, G. Kovėra of Keisto Folkloro Grupė and Ž.Svabonaitė. They link archaic Lithuanian folklore with classic Northern Hindu music, finding surprising tunes and harmonies. The playful experiment gives 11 songs in a nice digipack.

MUKAITE Loreta "Vuoj strazdeli, strazdeli" CD Juosta Records 25Lt/10
Album, called "Oh, little thrush" includes melodic and suprisingly gentle pure folk songs from Zemaitija (Samogitia), performed by famous outstanding female singer Loreta Mukaite-Sungailiene. A pureblood Samogitian, born in 1977, she preserved specific singing style of her native region (northwestern Lithuania). 22 songs.
NOSTATUS "Nostatus" MCDr 20Lt/10
Post-traditional Finnish heathen art based on Baltic Finnic traditions in kantele music and runo-singing with some .influences of metal music. Enchanting shamanic songs are filled with folk mysteries and sublime epic sounding of kantele (zither-box) and pagan drums. DIY release presenting 4 tracks on home-printed CDr.

RIMAS Juozas "Atvertys" CD Juosta Records 30Lt/12
Lithuanian folk songs performed in a purely specific manner by prof. Juozas Rimas. This majestic singing stands out of usual folk tradition, his strong enchanting voice charms with variations and brilliant nobility. It is not often you can hear such great man in a Baltic folklore! Some songs are occompanied by oboe. 22 songs. Samples here - www mp3

RUGIAVEIDĖ "Pūtė vėjas ąžuolą" CDr 30Lt/12
Ethno-pop album by famous Lithuanian folklore female singer Rugiaveidė, a leader of Sedula ensemble. This record includes 12 bright folklore songs with rhythmic electronic arrangements, with some quite unusual "progressive" approach and heavenly voice. Samples here - www mp3

SASNAUSKAS Skirmantas - KLOVA Algirdas "Laumiu sakmes (Witches' Tales)" CD Juosta Records 25Lt/12
The album features original music composed by a prominent Lithuanian jazz figure S.Sasnauskas - a joint project, recorded by Sasnauskas Jazz Quartet and Klova's folk group Vydraga. Combining authentic folklore with modern jazz, archaic instruments with electronic sounds, this music drives to really strange places and crazy, weird, fairy atmosphere. 9 compositions.

SEDULA "Šiuolaikinis žvilgsnis į viduramžius" book+CDr ---
Medieval folk CD and booklet by Lithuanian six female singers ensemble. "A Contemporary Look to Middle Ages" discovers 33 folklore songs and a study of Baltic national dress of XV-XVI centuries. 28 page booklet includes many detailed pictures and English desriptions. Sedula songs are remarkable for their transparent and spellbindingly undulating women’s voices.

SEDULA/RUGIAVEIDĖ "Kalėdų rytą Saulė pražydo" CD Bonus Animus 30Lt/12
Solstice folk songs, from a well known Lithuanian folk performers. Women group Sedula and their leader Rugiaveidė present a themtic release, featuring beautiful archaic songs sung during Winter Solstice. Some of them have slight arrangements by modern composer A.Balsys. 20 tracks, description in English. Samples - www mp3

SKRIAUDZIU KANKLES CD Juosta Records 30Lt/13
An album exploring Lithuanian traditional instrument - kanklės (zither) - and a very special its playing tradition in Skriaudziai village in Suvalkija (Southern Lithuania). The CD demonstrates various songs, showing specific moods and sounding, traditional Lithuanian patriotic songs, folk tales and few spoken tracks. CD booklet incl. info in English.
SKYFORGER "Zobena dziesma (Sword Song)" CD 25Lt/12
The well known Latvian pagan metal band shows that they can perform a pure folklore as well. "Zobena dziesma" brings a great selection of ancient Latvian war songs, played by traditional instruments and powered by solid male singing. The new re-edition of the CD comes with slightly different artwork. 13 songs of Latvian heathen heritage. ::: mp3

SUTARTINES 2 CD Juosta Records 35Lt/14
A follow-up CD to the first "Sutartinės" chapter, both compilations set presenting the unique magic of Baltic folklore. This CD features vocal and blown sutartinės, played on daudytės (long wooden trumpets), lumzdeliai (recorders) as well as ragai (horns) polyphony. Performed by folk ensembles Trys Keturiose, Griezikai, Jievaras, Visi, Dijuta. 33 tracks + solid booklet.

SUTARTINES 1 CD Juosta Records 35Lt/14
Unique archaic instrumental and singing polyphony - sutartines. The very own entrancing magic of Baltic folklore which was centuries ago spred in a small area of northeastern Lithuania. CD features the outstanding gathering of various top performers of this tradition - Trys Keturiose, Griezikai, Jievaras. 32 tracks + solid booklet with detailed information on sutarinės.

TYLOS LABANORO digipack CD 30Lt/13
An outstanding project by the cult musicians - Gvidas Kovėra (Lithuania) and Todar Kashkurevich (Belarus), playing authentic Baltic bagpipes, meet Petras Vyšniauskas (Lithuania) performing saxophone. All this recorded in a Samogitian chimney, sinking in tranquil and impromptu sounding. 10 songs of ethno embraced by subtle jazz sound.

VERONIKA Povilionienė - PULAUSKAS Dainius "Vakaro dainos - lopšinės" CD 25Lt/12
Lithuanian famous folk singer Veronika Povilionienė have recorded an extraordinary record - the most pretty and intimate evening songs - lullabies. Smooth and gentle folk tunes were arranged by noble modern composer D.Pulauskas, adding ethnic jazz and slight electronic interpretations. 15 tracks, 62 min., 16p booklet. Samples - www mp3

VERONIKA Povilionienė "Tėvelio prievartėliuos" CD ---
Veronika Povilionienė, the most famous performer of Lithuanian folklore, has become an icon of national singing traditions. Her voice is strong and evocative. This album reveals, with expression, the extraordinary beauty of the various monodic songs of Dzūkija region together with many folk narratives. 34 tracks. Samples - www mp3

VERONIKA Povilionienė "Dzūkų dainos" CD ---
This unique album of the known folk singer was recorded in the Dzūkija forest (Southern Lithuania). 22 monophonic songs reflect the oldest vibrant singing tradition. Originally from Dzūkija, Veronika has inherited this tradition from the authentic singers of the region. Fading into the hum of nature, the sound remains the same as a hundred years ago... ::: www mp3

VISI "Liudviko Rėzos dainos" CD Juosta Records 25Lt/12
Archaic songs from Prussia (Minor Lithuania) collected by great folklorist, poet and prominent cultural figure Liudvikas Reza and published in 1825. They are performed by Evaldas Vycinas folk group, accompanied by nine-stringed kankles (zither). 18 graceful chants impart indefinable charm, very pleasant, tender and delicate sound, which enchants everyone’s heart.

VYČINAS Evaldas "Ei, smutna liūdna mano širdelė" CD Juosta Records 25Lt/12
One of the greatest Lithuanian folk musician and folklorist E.Vycinas performs songs collected and published by brothers Juska in 1880. The impressive delicate singing is accompanied by nine-stringed kankles magic, causing experience of deep bright melancholia. The album title refers to "Oh, sad sad is my heart"...

ŽALVARINIS "Folk n' rock" digipack CD Monaco 28Lt/12
Rock interpretations of Lithuanian folk songs - Žalvarinis continue their professional way of music on the third album. Good studio recording makes modern light rock sounding even more expressive, adding blues elements, new melodies and lots of guitar solos to the bands trademark - three female singers. 10 tracks in a digipack with poster/lyrics inside. mp4 / mp4

ŽALVARINIS "Žalio vario" digipack CD Prior Records 25Lt/12
Second album from a popular Lithuanian band, presenting old folk songs wrapped in stomping rock'n'roll and cheerful metal music, using some traditional instruments. Songs spring with beautiful female singing, bright atmosphere and clear studio sound. CD digipack w/ booklet, 13 tracks, 60+ min. www mp3

ŽALVARINIS "Žalvarinis" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
A project of pagan metal band Ugnelakis and ritual folk ensemble Kulgrinda - 14 vocalists participated in recording of this magical combination, empowered by lovely female chorus, well performed guitar, bass and keyboard lines in original cyclic folk style, adding new energy to the ancient Baltic folk music! 9 folk-rock songs. Dangus release

ŽENKLAS X "Take" digipack CD Dangus 30Lt/12
The legendary Lithuanian ethno group is back after 12 years! The second official Zenklas X release presents new line-up and new music language. Archaic motifs sound novel and contemporary, dynamic breaks challenge the temperate music flow, expressing a delicate diversity of Earth sounds. The acoustic festivity in 8 tracks, 70+ min. Dangus release

ŽENKLAS X "Ženklas X" CD Juosta Records 30Lt/12
Original meditation in a cosy flow of improfolk - instrumental folklore, artful electronic and avantgarde improvisations. Zenklas create new sound connected with the past, combining variety of traditional instruments - zither, multi-pipe whistles, reed pipe, dulcimer, percussions with classical guitar, violin and drums. Legendary record from 90s. 8 tracks with nice designs.



Alternative rock : Neofolk : Gothic


Aiste Smilgeviciute & SKYLE "Povandenines kronikos" digipack CD Via Artis 30Lt/13
Lithuanian art rock sensation with original musical themes and charming vocals of well known singer Aistė Smilgevičiūtė, and Skylė founder Rokas Radzevičius. The 13th bands album entwines Antique and Baltic mythological symbols, folky alternative rock, pure soulful melodies and great sound production. Amazing layout w/ underwater pictures! 14 songs. mp3 / mp3


Aiste Smilgeviciute & SKYLE "Babilonas" digipack CD Via Artis 30Lt/13
The 10th album of well known Lithuanian artists' group, playing original melodic alternative music with plenty of variuos acoustic and electronic instruments. A bit melancholic, bright atmosphere is emphasized by original poetry and strong female voice. The album was released in 2000, and re-manufactured in 2007 under big fan request.
ANUBI "Gods Pantenon" digipack CD Odium Records ---
The legendary debut album of Anubi, the premier project of now gone Lord Ominous. Extremely dark ritual art, inspired by shadow side of old Egyptian cults. The demo from 1993 was re-released in England as the quality digipack with a new artwork - paintings of Lord Ominous. Also features a mastermind behind Girnu Giesmes. 8 tracks of pure Lithuanian dark scene CULT.
a DARGANA compilation CDr Migraine release 15Lt/9
The compilation presenting Lithuanian dark independent scene - both new projects and well known old-timers. The release includes songs from the following artists: Ruination, Anapilis, The Perplexx, Dreamland Poetry, Neuro 9, Mano Juodoji Sesuo, Arlequin, Fanarai, Atvejis, Linoja, Xess and Kuosma Raja. Music vary from gothrock, electronic to cyber metal.
a FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "Never(k)now" CDr 15Lt/8
We have some copies of this great Estonian band self released CDR-single, following the "Ru:mipu:dus" album. The release includes 5 new remixes (by XP8, Pharmac Hooliganz, Device & Mess Twice) and video version. Impressive, original blend of dark and modern. CDr comes in a prmotional cardboard wallet. www mp3
FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "Ru:mipu:dus" digipack CD My Kingdom Music 30Lt/12
A brand new release from the originators of Estonian darkwave scene! No doubt their best! Gothic wave, EBM, trip hop, death metal... everything is conceived and blended to create a real masterpiece - heavier than metal, darker than gothic, colder than electronic. Includes a killer GGFH remix from Ghost who offers his insane vocals... 11 tracks + video in a deluxe digipack.
FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "Ple:se Disco-nnect Me" CDr 25Lt/10
Industrial electronic darkwave. The newest release which is for sure the best bands offer to date. Great song in 13 impressive versions and remixes, Ghost of legendary G.G.F.H. has also done one. Lyrics in English. Strongly recommended!
FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "Behind The Abysmal Sky" MCDr 25Lt/10
The cult debut demo, that have suprised and influenced Baltic scene a lot! Atmospheric doom metal, deeply emotional misery. 6 dark jewels recorded in 1993 and re-released in 2002 in a pocket size CDR. Don't miss it!


MANO JUODOJI SESUO "Essential Curse. The best of MJS 1997-2007" special CD+DVD Dangus 45Lt/18
The special limited CD+DVD edition (200 copies only), presenting best MJS songs and complete collection of unique videos during 15 years! Audio CD has 19 songs from all band's albums incl. unreleased tracks. The multimedia disc shows 9 videos, live cuts, photo gallery and several never heard remixes! The release comes in a super-jewel DVD box. Dangus release


MANO JUODOJI SESUO "Essential Curse. The best of MJS 1997-2007" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
The first best of release from Lithuanian alternative scene. MJS presents best songs from their early gothic rock albums and modern hits from new recordings, as well as unreleased tracks. A colourful, dark, sensational 15 years retrospect of cold wave romance in 19 songs! This special album comes in a super-jewel-box. Dangus release
a MANO JUODOJI SESUO "Dogmatic" digipack CDr 20Lt/9
The long running group offers a new piece of dynamic melancholia with a new line-up and modern, harder atmospheric gothic sound. For the first time MJS songs being recorded in English. 12 cuts of dusky emotional art with more live lines and strong melodies, this time high class singing of Mindaugas is supported by female vocals. Pro-printed CDr in a pretty digipack.


ORLOVA Alina "Laukinis šuo dingo" digipack CD Metro 25Lt/10
A debut album of young singer Alina Orlova, whose original musical poetry became a surprising phenomenon in Lithuania. Girl has an outstanding voice and weird ideas for songs. Hes singing and piano harmonies are accompanied by violin, percussion and other instruments. Digipack album includes 16 songs and postcards with Alina's drawings. ::: myspace


PIEVOS "Menuli baltas" CD Dangus ::: temporary out of stock ---
Original Lithuanian group's second album shines with a strong poetry and ancient folklore, dark alternative rock, acoustic tunes. The rich singing of vocalist Virginija is impressive indeed, accompanied with solid guitar lines, melancholic violin, flute and accordion melodies. Lyrics in Lithuanian. CD comes with a nice wrapper, 11 songs. Dangus release
a SIELA "Dali" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
Astounding brand new album, waited for 8 long years! The opus is charming with hearty melodies, rock and acoustic strings, extravagant modern pulse, piano and elegant female assistance to Aurelius Sirgedas singing. And the 7th bands longplay surprises with a perfect modern sounding, making "Dali" the best Siela album ever! 10 songs. Dangus release  
a SIELA "Uz Regejimo Lauko" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
The most prominent album of the Lithuanian gothic rock scene. Created back in 1994, "Beyond the Field of Eyesight" album includes 8 original well known velvet songs. Re-release comes with two new electronic versions, created in 2003 by I.Kofas and Trolis, remastered sound and new designs. Dangus release


VILKDUJA "Vakar duona" digipack CD Dangus 33Lt/13
Vilkduja amazes with unique style, - meeting neo-cabaret revel, neo-folk echoes, velvet of old pop melody, cosmic tremble of noisy industrial, melting trip-hop and marching tribal rhythmics. The music is full of mystery and nostalgy, with strong magic poetry. Nice surprise from Lithuanian twilight! Vilkduja is a project of PoPo, a man behind Lauxna Lauksna and Oochach. Exclussive digipack CD is limited to 333 copies. Dangus release




A KISS IN THE REPTILE HOUSE compilation CD Shadowplay 25Lt/10
Nice Gothic Rock sampler from Shadowplay - with Siela, The Way of All Flesh, The House of Usher, Pink Turns Blue, Doppelganger, Funhouse, Two Witches, Redemption, etc - 17 bands total. This compilation consists of bands from various periods of Gothic Rock, but all of them were successful in unusual understanding of imperishable things!

INFLUENCE compilation CD Shadowplay 25Lt/10
The solid sampler includes the most interesting representatives of ethereal and darkwave genres on the modern scene. Among them are: Ataraxia, Chirleison, Corde Oblique, Daemonia Nymphe, Dandelion Wine, Donis, Endraum, Ethodius, Jack or Jive, Lacklustre Mirror, Moon Far Away, The Moon & the Night Spirit, Seventh Harmonic, Tempus Fugit. 14 songs, nicely designed.

KUNIGUNDA LUNAR SONGS vol.5 compilation CDr Kunigunda 10Lt/4
Songs of Kunigunda festival in 2007 - a nice compilation with many great rarities of foreign and especially local bands: ... ::: www mp3

KUNIGUNDA LUNAR SONGS vol.6 compilation CD Kunigunda 20Lt/6
The promotional CD of Kunigunda Lunaria festival - featuring Spiritual Front, The Last Days of Jesus, Gothika, Roger Rotor, Desdemona, Diffuzion, Deathcamp Project, and Baltic artists - Vic Anselmo, Forgotten Sunrise, Ataka, Atvejis, Strops, Elektrogott, Svefn-G-Englar, Comedia d'el Arte. Limited 500 CDs release with 15 great dark tracks! ::: www mp3



Industrial : Ambient : Electronic : Experimental

BARODARHO "Triumvirats" digipack CD Sturm 28Lt/10
A cycle of six years, six months and six days in Barodarho existence has come to an end with "Triumvirats" as the epilogue to it. This is the anima-union of Latvian despair poet Eduard Veidenbaum (1867-1891) and Barodarho bloodbrothers Cucmex & Zyrnys in cruelty idealism, to preserve the visions of justice and the truth... 12 noisy industrial tracks + video. mp3 / mp3
D.N.S. "Mechanistic" CDR 23Lt/10
The new limited self-release from Donis' experimental side. This time it sounds even more ambiental, atmospheric and multi-sided, like a slow strange dream-film, experienced at empty docks, neglected beaches and other territories beyond consciousness. Very interesting creation for the lovers of original industrial ambient. Limited to 100 copies. mp3
DONIS "Švilpiai" CD box Dangus - last copies 30Lt/12
Delicate, profound, enshrouding ambient with tenebrous primeval atmosphere - the music performed with the authentic clay whistles made by famous Lithuanian sculptor A.Mončys (1921-1993). The first official release of this unique Donis project. One solid track lasting for 55 min., released in a special neat cardboard box, limited to 500 copies. Dangus release
DONIS su KULGRINDA "Sotvaras" CD Dangus 25Lt/12
The joint project of famous Baltic ritual folk group and talented neofolk composer. Archaic Winter Solstice chants with profound and subtle musical arrangements - clear refined ambient, followed by various folk instruments in tranquil atmospheric passages. The sacred experience of the time, when the whole world gets restarted. 8 unique pieces. Dangus release
DRAMA "88 Auszra" CD 35Lt/15
The project of well known Lithuanian underground composer McKaras. Recorded on the special event, dedicated to 88 years of Lithuanian Independence, February 16th, this album breaths with odd, clear cosy ambient, industrial electronic, lo-fi drone, poignant rhythmics, and unique epoch-making samples. The soundtrack for the RIGHT day! Limited to 300 copies only.
GINTAS K. "2009" 2CD Retinascan 20Lt/10
... .
GINTAS K. "Lengvai / 60 X One Minute Audio Colours of 2Khz Sound" 2CD Cronica Electronica 46Lt/14
The well known minimalist Gintas K. presents a very solid double CD release. "Lengvai" (eng. Easily) is the result of long-lasting sonic adventures through rich scales of frequencies and dynamics, from subtle to intense - colorful hypnotizing beats, intersections of synthetic textures with sharp and powerful melodic flows are organized into polychromic soundscapes. The next chapter is an open brain surgery in 60 steps, from lyrical moods to unbearable noise. www mp3
GINTAS K. "Titled#" CDR Retinascan ---
The most active Lithuanian digital post-industrial artist offers an adventurous album filled with noises, micro-waves, sine-waves, glitch and other delicate crunch. All this nicely composed, mostly rhythmic and producing mysterious aesthetics. Pro-manufactured CDR includes 21 track and comes with nice minimal designs from Acid Fake.
GINTAS K. "////" CDR Retinascan 23 10Lt/5
Experimental microwaves and sounds with physical impact. Manifesting sonic noises, denying every way of functionalisation. Sharply dynamic, provocative and unlimited. This is a second fulltime audio research of Gintas K.
GINTAS K. "o)o(o" CDR Black Orchid 10Lt/5
The first solo try of this Lithuanian experimental music composer, formerly a member of Modus. Electronic minimalistic sounds are to impress your hearing and affect your body. 7 tracks make 70+ min. and come in a slimcase CDR.
LAUXNA LAUKSNA "Sakai" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
Smart and distinctive Baltic industrial, blending rough electronic music, tribal rhythmics and starlit ethno visions. A debut album of a promising Lithuanian duo which offers a magic heathen adventure on a modern industrial highway, CD includes 9 tracks and special printed lay-out. Dangus release
NAPALMISM selected Latvian distortions CDR 8Lt/4
16 tracks of industrial and noise arts from Latvia, selected by Delirium of Antireality and based on "Napalmnacht" parties in Riga. Including Anti-Formation, Kriegsturm, Error, Claustrum, Antireality, Brigado Genocid, Brdrh Pekle, Neuron Communications, Zot, Syndrome, Twrch Trwyth, An, Ballet Rachitis etc. Black CDR in a modest envelope.
STROPS "Likuma burts" digipack CD Dangus/Sturm 30Lt/12
The solid album from one of the most original Latvian bands. Strops creates a very specific sound - dramatic industrial opus shines with a distinct peal, - deep, anxious, snug and strong. Great barricade industrial songs bear strong social anti-consumerist concept, - the resistant message about a forgotten price of freedom. CD digipack produced on a special cardboard. Limited to 500 copies ::: More information and mp3 samples at Dangus releases
ROSEWATER "Bloodcount" digipack CD Sturm 30Lt/12
The new, third album from famous Latvian sonic electro industrial act. A perfectly dynamic and dark sound mixture, filled with cold dreamy tunes, powerful beats and harsh noisy fever. "Analysis of elusory emotion chemistry", as authors put it. Album includes 10 tracks and a multimedia video "Katatonika" ::: www mp3
SKARDAS "Neocron" digipack CD Dangus 25Lt/10
Highest class electronic art full of twilight! This gifted sound architect became a real discovery of Lt scene in 2003, offering an album rich in sensations, elegant mechanics and qualitative sounding. A deep blue sea of idm drillcore here is troubled by dark industrial lashes, bruising noises and rustling ambient breaks. Digipack incl. 11 tracks. Dangus release
SYMMETRY OF ASYMMETRY "Useless Breed" digipack CD Sturm 25Lt/10
The aggressive debut album of psychedelic industrial project from Riga's industrial community - 14 freshly bleeding tracks about the absurdness of the human kind. Dynamic body music with manic vocals and mad tunes by lucid synthesizers, sharp guitars on angry drums. Nihilistic, black and harsh creation, with some lyric tunes and strongly emphasized industrial elements. ::: myspace
TROLIS & the GIBERLINGERS "Quark Gluon Plasma" audio/video CD Dangus 25Lt/10
Mysterious idm shamanism and tribal trance of post-industrial universe, with cosmic beats, massive ambient slips and primeval inspirations encoded. The second digital solo album by member of Agyria, Notanga and Obtest. 8 tracks + 2 multimedia videos. Dangus release
WEJDAS "Zemes Alsavimas" CD Dangus 25Lt/12
Amber tribal ambient with the deepest ethnic sensations - "Earth Breath". The 6th, come back album of the legendary Lithuanian project. Highly empyreal and solid work of the Baltic scene. Natural sounds and modern technologies were managed by Donis and Darius Gerulaitis (Ensemble SP). 8 parts, 70:07 min. More information and mp3 at Dangus releases



Folkmetal : Metal : Dark Rock

ANDAJA "Iš atminties" CD Dangus 25Lt/12
Warlike, burning, majestic Baltic metal, with intense black atmosphere and melodic arrangements. The debut album continues best traditions of the unique Lithuanian Heathen scene (Poccolus, Ha Lela, Zpoan Vtenz), - profound, primordial, elemental, epic and magic. 7 thundering tracks with sincere attitude, inflaming sound and truly impressive designs. Dangus release
DARK FIRE DANCING IV  compilation CD + lighter | Dangus 25Lt/12
The 4th and final chapter of the series. Ultimate representation of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian pagan/black metal and dark ambient, strongly related to heathen folklore. CD features exclusive songs of 15 bands: Gdae, Kalm, Peorth, SkyForger, Obtest, Loits, Anapilis, Ugnelakis, Tharaphita, Heresiarh, Angis, Siaurys, Valefar, Assamalla and Donis. 79 min., thorough 16p. booklet + blackmetaller's lighter. MC version comes with 4 bonus tracks. Dangus release
DISSIMULATION "Prakeikimas" CD Ledo Takas 25Lt/10
Extreme scene old-timers blast again with blasphemous thrashing black metal, second full-length album. Thundering darkness through well produced still rough record. 6 tracks, standard jewel case CD edition with 12 pages booklet.  
DISSIMULATION "Maras" digipack CD Ledo Takas 25Lt/10
Straightforward black metal plague from Lithuanian Uplands town Anyksciai. The strong profane rock'n'roll played by three crazy guys. 11 tracks with impressively morbid layout.

EYETOFUK / PUTRID WHORE "Drufuked & Pornified" split CD Grindhead Records 25Lt/10
Oh shit! Vilnius based eardrilling project Eyetofuk shoots a sleazy load of brutal porno cyber gore grind, - 8 tracks on a split release with Italian porno-grind masturbators Putrid Whore. Guitar booze, satanic hallucinations and vomiting vocals are mixed with fast hardcore electronic and porn samples... Bizzare pink CD, made in Australia. ::: mp3 / mp3

FLAYING "Commandments - Violated" CD Epidemie Records 25Lt/10
Brutal technical death/grind madness, and no step aside - the best band of this style from Latvia! The bands' long awaited debut album inspired by Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and Cannibal Corpse includes 10 hot nails of extreme roughness, straight into your ass ;) listen here: www mp3
FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "Behind The Abysmal Sky" MCDr 25Lt/10
The cult debut demo, that have suprised and influenced Baltic scene a lot! Atmospheric doom metal, deeply emotional misery. 6 dark jewels recorded in 1993 and re-released in 2002 in a pocket size CDR. Don't miss it!
GROL "True Stench Never Dies!!" CD Bloodbath records 27Lt/10
Lithuanian grind core with a sick jolly relish to anal, gore and alcoholic themes. The debut album, released in Japan, is filled with 16 furious fecal shots (incl. 3 bonus tracks), resulting in 18 min. of extreme vomiting satisfaction to any fan of bands like Mortician, Desekrator, etc. Played with precision, good sound production. ::: mp3 / mp3
IR "Now or Never" digipack CD Zona Records 25Lt/10
The new hope of Lithuanian alternative scene - a real blast of original, passionate rock with seductive melodies, unmistakeable rhythms and smart vocals. Outstanding and sincere band, which was worth to wait for many years...! Quality recording, great musicianship and good production. 12 songs CD comes in a digipack with 16 p. booklet, lyrics in English. www

KATEDRA "Katedra III" CD 25Lt/10
Legendary Lithuanian heavy/thrash metal band's third album, released in 2006! Melodic and elegic music is well handled by the rock scene veterans, presenting new unheard songs, instrumentals as well as a new version of the classic hit "Mes Jega". 16 well branded tracks, some harder, some softier, but first time on CD!! Lyrics in Lithuanian. www
LOITS "Vere Kutse Kohustab" CD Ledo Takas 25Lt/10
Militant, patriotic and romantic album, dedicated to the glory of Legion Estland. Highly appreciated Estonian band presents furious heathen black metal with romantic notes - under Rune of Life. The second bands album includes 12 tracks and multimedia part, great production. CD is also available with limited luxurious digi-book and wrapper for 25Lt/13.
LUCTUS / ARGHARUS "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis" CD Ledo Takas 30Lt/12
The rise of new generation in Lithuanian black scene - split CD features 2 promising bands, that offer rough, devastating, massive and ambitious metal. Slipcase edition with 16p booklet. mp3 / mp3

MANATARK "Crimson Hours" CD Nailboard 28Lt/10
If you liked "Chaos Engine", brace yourself – the new album is even more furious and punctual, undoubtedly making it the best Manatark release yet! Expect both melodic vocals and growling, technical riffs and guitar leads, monolithic bass and fretless wizardry, a mercyless drum-artillery as well as majestic songs that prould Estonian metal march. 10 tracks. ::: mp3 / mp3
MANATARK "Viimanegi Veri" CD Guano Records 25Lt/10
The second album of the legendary act – transcendental and shamanistic black pagan metal in original Manatark manner. Great patriotic and anti-christian attitude. Discover the hidden streams! 9 tracks, Estonian lyrics incl. translations.

MERESSIN "Alkis" CDr Dangus 20Lt/10
The third full lenght album from Lithuanian dark metal scene masters. Old good thrash/heavy/black metal tunes with inflaming refrains, and few tender ballads! 12 tracks, 45 min., full color lay-out, pro-manufactured CDR. The best album of prey!  MC version available. Dangus release
MERESSIN "Baphomet's Call" CD Inferna Profundus / Nocturnal Woodlands 30Lt/12
Oldschool black heavy metal from Western Lithuania - a cult Samogitian band's second album. In 2007 this formerly tape-only record was re-released on CD, presenting also remastered sound, new artwork and 12 page booklet.
MOUNTAINSIDE "Distorted" MCDr 15Lt/7
Striking heavy metalrock with various influences of metal, alternative and punk genres. Fresh energy encoded in 7 heavy rock’n’roll cuts. Lyrics in English. Pro-manufactured CDR.

MUST MISSA "The Target Of Hate" CD Nailboard 28Lt/10
The new album by the Estonian power-trio Must Missa puts most of the bands following the old school thrash metal trend in their place. Eight adrenaline - and testosterone - drenched tracks make the album "The Target Of Hate" a true masterpiece that easily competes with the legends and won't leave any metalhead unmoshing. ::: mp3 / mp3
NAHASH "Nocticula Hecate" CD Inferna Profundus / Nocturnal Woodlands 30Lt/11
One of the first Lithuanian black metal band's debut demo got re-released on CD. The original slipcase edition includes 5 elaborated occult hymns, backing to the rough true days of early black metal underground in 1993. Re-mastered sound and 12 page booklet.
NEGLECTED FIELDS "Splenetic" CD 28Lt/10
The third overwhelming opus of technical death/black metal from a famous Latvian band. Precise in every detail, shining with constructive aggression, power, fluency and elegance wrapped in artful song structures, - this is again a real masterpiece to enjoy. Lyrical concept based on philosophical and psychedelic Egyptian themes. 9 songs. ::: mp3 / mp3

NITROUS "Dominant Force" CD Nailboard 28Lt/10
The debut by Nitrous, while strongly smelling of gasoline and nitrous oxide, delivers unique and wild Estonain thrash metal revelation. Led by the champion drag racer Lauri Kuriks! Warning! May induce sudden weight-gain in the right leg when listened while driving a motorized vehicle! ::: mp3 / mp3
OBTEST "Iš Kartos Į Kartą" A5 photoalbum + CD Ledo Takas 35Lt/14
The third album of warlike Obtest songs, this time with heavy metal tones stronger. Lithuanian pagan scene veterans have created this 9-song release for 4 years. Heroic war metal melodies and thundering native lyrics. A special album edition - A5 high quality photoalbum with CD - comes limited to 1000 copies.
OBTEST "Iš Kartos Į Kartą" CD Ledo Takas 25Lt/10
The third album of warlike Obtest songs, this time with heavy metal tones stronger. Lithuanian pagan scene veterans have created this release for 4 years. Heroic war metal melodies and thundering native lyrics. 9 songs, CD with 16 p. booklet.
OBTEST "Auka Seniems Dievams" CD Ledo Takas 25Lt/10
Legendary inflaming pagan metal act of Lithuania presents their second full-lenght album, full of martial power and mighty patriotism! Elder gods should be pleased... 10 tracks.
OBTEST "Tukstantmetis" CD Ledo Takas 30Lt/10
Legendary debut, dedicated to the brave old nation of Prussia. Majestic aggressive pagan metal sung in Lithuanian, 8 burning "Millenium" tales. Ten year' re-release by Ledo Takas - with improved and enhanced booklet, as well as liner notes written by the band, revealing the true story behind album recordings, slipcase CD edition with 16 pages booklet.
OSSASTORIUM "Inferi" CDr - out of stock ---
The second album of Lithuanian virile death metal act - well performed extreme cannonades with opulent guitar arrangements and grim lyric atmospheres, showing bands talent for non-standart hellish art. Heavy roaring storm speaks in familiar growling tongue, lyrics in English and Lithuanian. 11 nice sounding, high-powering songs!

PEDIGREE "Growing Apart" digipack CD Nailboard 30Lt/10
Excessively labyrinthine and traditionally non-traditional art-noisy experimentations on a sonic field of broken glass accompanied by gut-wrenching riffs and diabolical vocal renderings are the gist of the new output "Growing Apart" by the unsung Estonian gods of electronic noisecore Pedigree... 14 great industrial metal songs ::: mp3 / mp3
PLASTIC WHORE "Wet Planet" CDr 25Lt/12
Groovy industrial metal forged by one-mad-Estonian. A kinky rave with nice attitude, roaring guitars, growling almost black vocals and massive bombastic atmosphere in whole. Go, Mister Girl, go! ;) 10 tracks marked by Pink Banana Music in nice jewel case pro-CDr release.

POCCOLUS "Poccolus" CD Supernal Music - out of stock ---

Probably the strongest, most sincere and most obscure pagan metal ever recorded in Baltics. ABSOLUTE CULT and must have, the essential album of the legendary Lithuanian heathen scene, was released by Korean label in 1996, then almost lost and re-issued after 10 years in Britain. The dark and sorrowfull gem shines again on fully remastered edition - a golden disc with new artwork and leather textured booklet, containing native lyrics and English translations. The ancient Fire within!

RUINATION "Beyond" CD 25Lt/10

The third Ruination album, at last! Thats a well made melodic metalrock bomb, enchanting with great dramatic atmosphere and kicking energy - something between deuced death rock, gothic groove and pure tunes. The nice blend of new modern influences and classic Ruination sound. The album also presents a new vocalist Jonas Čepulis. 12 tracks, nice designs.

SANCTIMONY "Eternal Suffering" CD Father Productions 25Lt/12
Extreme, atmospheric pagan death metal played by long-time Latvian scene wolves. Blasting, brutal and technical stuff. 8 tracks. One of the very first Latvian metal underground CDs!
SAPROPHYTES "Marionette" CD 25Lt/10
Energetic as hell and romantic as heaven - suprising gothic deathrock from one of the best newcoming band in Lithuania. Saprophytes offer strong and lyrical guitar based music with dark slashing sound, violins, gentle choruses and very nice screaming vocals. "Marionette" release includes 24-page book - a strange story with original designs. Lyrics in English.
SBS "Gimęs laimėti" CD/DVD 47Lt/17
The thundering heroic heavy metal for big stages. The reborn Lithuanian HMR monsters present their second album after 10 years. Its well performed live record on support to Judas Priest show, presenting SBS hits, plus new studio tracks. The DVD includes live show at Roko Naktys festival. 14 audio tracks and 11 concert cuts. www mp3
SBS "Tik mėnulio šviesa..." CD + special green tea 35Lt/13
One of the oldest Lithuanian band, that started back in 1979, have re-recorded their first album (released in 1996 on cassette only). The heroic heavy metal/rock opus includes a famous "Tik mėnulio šviesa..." (Only light of the moon...) hit song, that made SBS name then. 9 songs from 1996 and 3 recorded newly in 2006. Nice designs. www mp3
SHADOWDANCES "Acoustic Live" 2CDr 30Lt/12
A double live album - a farewell gift for the Shadowdances fans. The last bands show was an impressive event at Moulin Rouge restaurant in Vilnius, in August 2006. For the first and last time new and old Shadowdances songs were performed unplugged. The dark, melodic, mesmerizing chamber set played with guitars, keys, perscussion and cello. 21 tracks, including covers from Anathema, Vast, NIN, Eurythmics. Respectful selfrelease - limited to 200 numbered copies! www
SHADOWDANCES "The River of Lost" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
Highly emotional gothic metal - a first full lenght from the veterans of Lithuanian metal scene, released in 2003! 10 darkening tales filled with fragile melancholia, dark dramatics, oriental elements and screaming blue fire dreams... Lyrics in English. Dangus release
STEEL WOLF "Midnight Train to Siauliai" CD 25Lt/10
Loud rock that burns like a hot iron jammed up against your face. Steel Wolf is all about drinking, sex, and having fun. These New York punkrockers are proud of their Lithuanian heritage! And their second CD kicks with rough sound, old school vibe, stoner/sludge metal and amazing emotional energy. 15 tracks. www

TAAK "Koerapööriöö" CD Nailboard 28Lt/10
Although the multi-meaningful title might led one to believe otherwise, depression, mysticism and hallucinogens cover only a small portion of the themes on Taak´s debut album. Morose yet rocking ugri-doom is firmly rooted in the Estonian underground metal of the 80s, combining ironically lyrical poetry with Sabbathesque riff-crushing, soulful guitar solos and haunting vocals. A spirit-refreshing eulogy to the toughness and healthy pessimism of the Hyperborean people. ::: mp3 / mp3

TAAK "Koerapööriöö" CD Nailboard 28Lt/10
Although the multi-meaningful title might led one to believe otherwise, depression, mysticism and hallucinogens cover only a small portion of the themes on Taak´s debut album. Morose yet rocking ugri-doom is firmly rooted in the Estonian underground metal of the 80s, combining ironically lyrical poetry with Sabbathesque riff-crushing, soulful guitar solos and haunting vocals. A spirit-refreshing eulogy to the toughness and healthy pessimism of the Hyperborean people. ::: mp3 / mp3
TEMA "Convert to Curvez" demo CDr 10Lt/4
Unusual artistic metal-core with a green vibe - elements from hc, nu metal, melodic rock and death metal. Members of Tema were involved in several underground metal projects in the past, they know how to handle instruments, and vocals strike in various singing styles. 3 rocking songs- 'Neon Punx', 'O'Henry', 'Go' - and tiny designs in a slim case CDR.

THARAPHITA "Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel" CD Nailboard 28Lt/10
Tharaphita’s 2007 release sees the band returning to its roots — back to the rough pagan reality, to the Estonian mothertongue. "Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel" (On Paths Ancient and Dark) leaves no doubt about the identity of the forefather of original Estonian pagan/black metal. 7 groundshaking battle songs conveying sincere angst and agony. ::: mp3 / mp3

THARAPHITA "Primeval Force" CD Nailboard - out of stock ---
As the years turn glades into woods and lakes into swamps, thus has the style of Tharaphita´s music changed over time. Yet Tharaphita is still easily recognisable on their new album! The tremendous release by Estonia´s oldest pagan metal band contains 8 epic pieces of black/heavy metal burning with melodies. Dangus STRONGLY recommends it! ::: mp3 / mp3
URSKUMUG "Am Nodr" CD Ledo Takas 25Lt/10
Fast exterminating tribal black metal from Latvia, a second band's album. The standart chaotic blast has an interesting lyrical concept heading to Baltic pre-historic themes and myths. The album is done with fine and skilled musicianship and is produced clearly and "fat". 8 songs, 42 min. ::: mp3

ZALVARINIS "Zalio vario" digipack CD Prior Records 25Lt/12
Second album from a popular Lithuanian band, presenting old folk songs wrapped in stomping rock'n'roll and cheerful metal music, using some traditional. Songs spring with beautiful female singing, bright atmosphere and clear studio sound. CD digipack w/ booklet, 13 tracks, 60+ min. www mp3

ZALVARINIS "Zalvarinis" CD Dangus 25Lt/10
A project of pagan metal band Ugnelakis and ritual folk ensemble Kulgrinda - 14 vocalists participated in recording of this magical combination, empowered by lovely female chorus, well performed guitar, bass and keyboard lines in original cyclic folk style, adding new energy to the ancient Baltic folk music! 9 folk-rock songs. Dangus release



Uncategorised : Avantgarde

DUO (V.Labutis - E.Kanevicius) "Concerto Grosso" CD Juosta Records 25Lt/12
The respected Lithuanian duo weaves jazz, classical, folk, experimental and alternative music into cohesive and striking fabric. The musicians conceptually intermingle different styles and genres creating highly emotional intensity and playful discharge. Really interesting and solid album, 10 compositions.
IR VISA TAI KAS YRA GRAZU YRA GRAZU "42: muzika dviems arba Nuspalvink pats" CDr Muzik.Alutis 18Lt/8
The last IVTKYGYG recording with vocalist Baras (RIP...). Strange, intoxicating, eerie recording, that was dedicated to celebrate guitarist's Šlipas birthday in 2004. One composition, lasting in 36 min. and released in DVD case, ltd. 42 copies. Šyzova repeticija, kurioje, dėmesio tėveliai!, nemažai necenzūrinės leksikos.
IR VISA TAI KAS YRA GRAZU YRA GRAZU "47,4 Čb fonotekos naujienos" CDr Muzik.Alutis 18Lt/8
More weird sounds from old avantgardists. The psychedelic alkoholic flow was recorded on some rehearsal and continues series of "occasional music treasury", this time dedicated to the birthday of drummer Vacys. 8 compositions, 39 min. to the die-hard fans of the groupe. Ltd. 30 copies only.

LETHE "Lethe City" digipack CD Dangus 30Lt/13
A unique painting & musical project, created by famous Lithuanian avantgarde artist A.Šlipavičius and well known jazz virtuoso Vytautas Labutis. The show Lethe - an esoteric city in another world. Inspired by Tibetan Book of the Dead surrealistic series of paintings and strange music rides through a mysterious yet tricky spiritual state of Lethe. The 9 track CD album comes in a deluxe 8pp digipack showing some of the 33 Lethe paintings. Dangus release / mp3

PETRAS VYSNIAUSKAS QUARTET "Light in the Dark" CD Juosta Records 26Lt/12
One of the greatest Lithuanian musicians, a saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas combines Lithuanian folk music echoes with free form of expression offered by modern jazz. This music remains unforgetable because of clear, individual concept and bright feeling for ethno identity. Recorded with Karl Berger, Kent Carter and Klaus Kugel. 4 compositions, 35 min.



Legendary Lithuanian records

KUTAVICIUS Bronius "Oratorijos" CD Bomba / 33 Records 25Lt/10
Classical music album by one of the all times greatest compositors of Lithuania. Mature sublimated touch of Pagan past, - mythology, history and folklore. Three ritualistic oratorios - The Last Pagan Rites, From Jatvingian Stone and The Tree of Earth - are more than just music, they are spiritual stimulus. CD booklet in Lithuanian and English.  
VELNIO NUOTAKA muzika iš filmo - CD Bomba / 33 Records 25Lt/10
Legendary music from the “Devil’s Bride” motion picture soundtrack. The greatest Lithuanian folk-rock-opera, based on national mythology and folklore. Neprilygstamas lietuviskas miuziklas, sukurtas 1972-aisiais. Folkloras, burtai, magija, tai, kas zmogiska ir tai, kas velniska susipyne siose vaiskiose improvizacijose. CD booklet in Lithuanian and English.  



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