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Here you can find many great and rare albums in cult underground cassette format.
Many of these
releases are going to be sold out and disappear forever...
So, be fast with
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ARS MORIENDI "Sightlessness" MC Dangus - last copies 9Lt/€4
Dark doom metal with strong influentions of gothic and black metal and classical renaissance themes as well. Passionate music of sadness... 8 melodic tracks, 40 min., color cover w/ lyrics. Dangus release  
ATAKA "Thunder Gott" MC + mini-book; Saula/Dangus 10Lt/€5
Progressive industrial electronic music with tasteful touch of ambient, created by Lithuanian underground genius McKaras! MC includes fullcolor booklet "The Diary of Apocalypse" with artful GFX images. Translation into English also. 16 atmospheric tracks, 70+ minutes, Cr tape, fullcolor lay-out. Dangus release  
ATALYJA "Atalyja" MC 10Lt/€5
The very first album of the Lithuanian folk-rock masters, presenting catchy ethno songs with nice musical arrangements, guitars, violins, traditional and oriental instruments... Released in 1997. 10 melodic songs, 40 min., nice color cover.  
DARK FIRE DANCING IV compilation MC + lighter; Dangus 12Lt/€8

MC version of the compilation CD, includes 4 bonus tracks by Meressin, Manatark, Ha Lela and Dissimulation. Each copy has attached a special blackmetaller's lighter saying "Visit your local church at night". Original full-color designs and long long inlay with extensive information on every act. 18 tracks, 96 min. Dangus release

DISSONANCE "Concealed" MC 8Lt/€4

Strong and original melodic doom/death, the best Lithuanian act of this style in last decade. Good sounding, professional production, color cover, 9 tracks.

DRIEZHAS demo#1 ---

A debut record from this smart electronic experimentatorof Noxta klanas - original dance beats with pagan sounds, samples from movies, etc - pro-copied, simple xeroxed cover, 4 tracks.

ENDICHE VIS.SAT "Kernave" MC ---
The latest album from long standing Lithuanian avangardist Ramunas Jaras, - voices and noises from the streets; pro-copied, b/w cover, 40 min. -
ENDICHE VIS.SAT "Verksmas" MC 6Lt/€3
Conceptual release from Ramūnas Jaras – 1 short track, titled “The Cry”, smart indeed! pro-copied, b/w cover. -
GARLAND "Crushed Tomorrow" MC Dangus 8Lt/€4

Refreshing and powerful metal music with gothic metal, thrash and death influences, recorded by the only well known group from Varena town. 6 tracks, 35 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics. Dangus release

GIRNŲ GIESMĖS "Brėkšta" / ŠALIKAPALIKAU "Trilogija Agnozija" split MC Dangus 10Lt/€5

The joint release from two leaders in Lithuanian experimental music. Also it is the heaviest, darkest and most cruel work of GG. Projects present 3 tracks each, 60 min. of lost sense + original fullcolor artwork. Dangus release


Well played, inflaming death metal full of strenght and melody; pro-copied, color cover, 7 tracks. Lyrics in English.

MERESSIN "Alkis" MC Dangus ---

Third full lenght album with old good thrash/heavy/black speed metal tunes with inflaming refrains, and few tender ballads! "Alkis" (Hunger) is based on Pagan concept, words sang in Lithuanian language plus some elements of Samogitian folklore. CD version available. 12 tracks. Full color, full sound – the best album of prey! Dangus release

MERESSIN "Pasiutę šunys" maxi single MC Dangus 4Lt/€3
"Mad Dogs". Old way black rock’n’metal with truly devilish spirit. Includes 2 “Alkis” album songs and 4 exclusive live tracks. Color cover. Dangus release -
MISOPSYCHIA "Our Purpose is as Maggots" + "Mutantabort" MC Zverys/Dangus 8Lt/€4
Modern, well performed metal of late 90-ies, with influences from industrial, thrash, noise, psychedelic, power electronic, cannibal hardcore and more. 13 tracks and imressive full-color layout. Dangus release  
MODUS "Mėgaukis Tyla (Enjoy the Silence)" MC Black Orchid  - last copies 8Lt/€4
Industrial-electronic, ranging from classical music influences to noise. Lithuania's industrial music pioneers who also have some links to popular music. Pro-copied, b/w cover, special yellow sleeve, 11 songs. Released in Slovakia.  

RAGIS "Genties Giesme" MC Fiasko Zone ---
The recent discovery of Ragis album, recorded in 2000! Lithuanian heathen artist presents experimental tribal collage, depicting unusual world-view. Using wind instrumnets, percussions, bass, keyboards and Nature sounds. 50 min., b/w cover. You can get the very last copies of the release here.
RUINATION "Visionary Breed" MC Eurostar  9Lt/€5

Smart, doom'y, melodic, aggressive deathrock, the debut album of this premier Lithuanian outfit, pro-copied, color cover, 15 tracks. CD version sold-out.

RUINATION "Xura" MC 9Lt/€5
Extremely well done dark romantic metal, prod. by Peter Tagtgren. Quality and empowering album! Pro-copied, color cover, 10 tracks. CD version sold-out... -
ŠALIKAPALIKAU "Trilogija Agnozija" / GIRNŲ GIESMĖS "Brėkšta" split MC Dangus 10Lt/€5

The joint MC from two leaders in Lithuanian experimental music. SALIKAPALIKAU (incl.ex-member of Wejdas) present trilogy, which is prescribed to examine one’s senses. Check your hearing, eyesight and touch. Projects present 3 tracks each, 60 min. of lost sense + extraordinary fullcolor artwork. Dangus release

SHADOWDANCES "Burning Shadows" MC Dangus 10Lt/€5

Atmospheric shadow metal - it would be hard to describe their music in other way. Strong death/grind legacy collides with plenty of multi-sided magic melodies from non-metal genres – mostly rock and gothic. 5 songs from this release were put out as MCD on Abstract Emotions. This tape includes 2 extra tracks. 7 tracks, 30 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics. Dangus release

SPELLBOUND "Breath" MC Dangus 10Lt/€5

Brilliant piece of metal art. Burnished in very detail, with really great originality, charming melodies, clear strong vocals, surrealistic lyrics and incomparable fantasy - it’s the golden line in the history of Lithuanian metal. 10 songs, 55 min., fullcolor cover, lyrics. Dangus release

VILKDUJA / OBŠRR "Dabartis" split MC 16Lt/€8
Two original Lithuanian bands present their dedicated EP-albums, which are released in 2009 on cassette only! Magic neo-cabaret ne-polka meets experimental post-industrial pop poetry. Whole release appears outstandingly melodic, strange and peculiar about sound and smashing all stylistical boundaries. Limited to ... copies - ... songs, ... min., color cover.  


Lietuva Rock
NE ROMEO "Princesė ir piemuo" MC Pūkas 8Lt/€4
Keistomis aplinkybėmis mūsų sandėliuke atsidūręs Siela lyderio Aurelijaus Sirgedo experimentinio pop projekto albumas. 12 saldžių melodijų, kurios gal sudomins užkietėjusius Siela repertuaro fanus. -

Serijos "Jauni Liūtai" leidinys. Originalus kietas rokas ir hipnotiniai experimentai. BALTIC TRIBE PROJECT gretose - Amerikos lietuvis Kimo ‘K984’ Arbas ir jo kultūrinis nacionalizmas su hip-hop priemaišomis! 7 kūriniai. Įrašyta 1994-aisiais.



Latvia / Estonia
HERESIARH "Mythical Beasts and Medieval Warfare" MC Elven Witchcraft 8Lt/€4
Finally the second release of this dragon black metal band is available in MC format! Dark and extreme, though romantic music should attract fantasy fiction lovers. 11 tracks + bonus song (not included in CD version), refined artful color cover from Elven Witchcraft.  


Other Lands
ANGUISH/ICON OF SIN "Towards Abysses/Not My God" split MC Bestial - last copies 8Lt/€4
Split tape of two Romanian bands, where enchanting doom metal meets obscure death metal. Pro-copied, color cover, 9 compositions. -
BACCHIA NERAIDA "To the Twelve Gods of Olympus" demo 3Lt/€3
Archeohellenic pagan black metal with greek folk instruments and ambient parts, played by underground's famous Cernunos (Greece); taped, color cover, 12 tracks. -
CELTIC DANCE "Ancient Battlecry" MC Satanachia 3Lt/€3
The best underground black metal from Portugal – rough, a little bit old style metal with warlike and necrophiliac ideas. Not of best quality, home-home-taped, color cover, 9 tracks.  
CORVUS NEBLUS "Chapter 2 ~ Strahd’s Possession" MC Elven Witchcraft 8Lt/€4
The epic Greek project journeys on, the second strike is darker and more professional. The half-elf Neblus invites you deeper and further into the Realm... Tape has awesome professional printed coloured golden cover. 6 tracks of fantasy darkness.  
CORVUS NEBLUS "Chapter 1 ~ Strahd’s Possession" MC Elven Witchcraft ---
An epic soundtrack based on a virtual story and performed by the one man. Stellar keyboard music inspired by 'Ravenloft' RPGs and enchanting with its ambience, varying soundscapes and soothing atmosphere. Pro coloured cover w/ a concept story. 6 tracks from Greece.
ELYSIUM "Sunset" MC 8Lt/€4
Melancholic melodic doom/death, nice artful debut from Poland. Sweet pain and serenity... Pro-copied, color cover, 7 tracks. -
FROSTMOON "Tordenkrig" MC Alkana Zemė - last copies ---
Original viking metal with impressive pathos and sensitive choruses, hailing from Norway. 5 tracks from sold-out 7'EP and 4 bonus songs; pro-copied, b/w cover, 6 tracks.  
GODS TOWER "The Turns" MC Metal Agen / Dangus 8Lt/€4
Brave melodic pagan metal, really groovy masterpiece from Belarus. Great sound and various vocal styles, original compositions with traditional folk impact! The best record during the band's existence. Pro-copied, color cover, 8 tracks. -
GREY SHADOWS OF THE UNIVERSE compilation MC Fluttering Dragon - last copies 12Lt/€6
The sick dark music from treasure-house of Fluttering Dragon – including MZ.412, Coma Virus, Arecibo, Die Wappens des Thodt, Psychophiysicist, Monte Cazzaza, Lustmord, Valefor, Profane Grace, Daniel Mensche, Swartalf, Elhaz. A special tape-cult realease w/ special fullcolor package, ~90 min.
HUGINN "Tales (from the Ancient Times)" MC Ars Antinova - last copies 10Lt/€5
Artful ambiental apocalyptic folk from Italy. With some dark bruising partitures of heavy sound. A concept tape in a special parchment-box. -
MORGAIN "Frostbitten Nakedness" MC Erebos - last copies 9Lt/€5
Melodic, aural and mesmerizing metal, the second stunning album! Slovakia. Pro-copied, color cover, 10 tracks. -
MORTON "Surtalogi" MC Elven  Witchcraft 10Lt/€5
Extreme berserk creations, by the label described as "runeindustrial norsemagic myth metal", really grim atmospheres... 15 tracks, 50 min., two-coloured glossy craquelure cover. -
NORTHCROWN "Ancient Battles. Part I" MC Elven Witchcraft ---

Heroistic nordic metal with a suitable touch of mythology from Finland. Color cover, lyrics, 8 tracks, ~40 min.

NOSTROMO "King of Mars" MC Dagdy Music 8Lt/€4
Very original debut, atmospheric progressive rock with sensetive atmosphere of gothic. Smart and interesting act from Poland; Pro-copied cassette, color cover, 5 tracks - 47 min. -
OYHRA "Ratnaja Strala" MC Funeral Pyre - last copies 10Lt/€5
More of neo-pagan hymns from woody Belarus! Epic black metal with noticeable feel for dark melody and adoration about Burzum sound; Pro-copied, color cover, 8 tracks. -
ROMOWE RIKOITO "Narcissism" MC Brudenia 12Lt/€6
The outstanding, cult debut record from the famous neoclassical neo-folk artists from Koenigsberg, Prussia. Charming magic and sad atmosphere was created by classical instruments only. 10 songs gracefully lifting Veil of Dark Secrets... beautiful lay-out. -
SERMON "Sea of Meanings" MC Yucel Muzik 7Lt/€4
Qualitative, melodic and atmospheric doom/death metal from Turkey. Pro-copied, color cover, 4 songs. -
THEMGOROTH "Highway into Unknown" MC Dagdy Music 8Lt/€4
Extreme, mystical metal from Polish underground; Pro-copied, color cover, 6 tracks. -
UKRIVOLSA "Ukrivolsa" MC Dagdy Music 8Lt/€4
Pagan music on keyboards, re-edition of the artful debut album. Soundscapes transmitted from Poland; Pro-copied, b/w cover, 6 tracks. -