Our selected releases from original artists and labels worldwide. The list has 4 main stylistic
sections of original CDs, + one more section includes licenced releases.

New additions are outlined in red. Temporary unavailable and recently sold out items - faded to grey.

Neofolk : Ethereal : Neo-classical

ASHRAM "Ashram" digipack CD Prikosnovenie
A re-release of the first sold-out album of Ashram in a luxurious digipack with a new unpublished track "Fourth". The Napolitan trio consists in Luigi Rubino (piano), Sergio Panarella (voice), Edo Notarloberti (violin). Since the first release in 2002, Ashram became one of the most popular neoclassical band playing a nostalgic & ethereal music.. mp3 / mp3

ATARAXIA "Kremasta Nera" digipack CD Shadowplay
After visiting the Parisian cabarets, Ataraxia return to Greek shores to rediscover ancient rituals and traditions. A mix of acoustic sounds, strings, electronic and eastern percussions and a deep evocative singing become the door to enter the purple reign of the Goddess. The great voyage by 14 dreamy songs... ::: mp3 / mp3

ATARAXIA "Sous le Blanc Rosier" 2CD Shadowplay
A double best of album of legendary Italian neo-folk darkwa ve ethereal artists Ataraxia, released by Shadowplay. The representative album provides a comprehensive overview of group's career, and also includes 2 exclusive tracks, plus a couple of unreleased versions of older songs. Slipcase 2CD, 22 compositions. ::: myspace

BARCO DO VINHO (Allerseelen/Sangre Cavallum) digipack CD Ahnstern 30Lt/11
This is a split release of the Austrian avantgarde folk artist Allerseelen and the Portuguese traditional neoclassical outfit Sangre Cavallum of whom each has delivered 4 songs. Barco do Vinho is an ode to wine, to the intoxication of wine and to one of Europe’s most characteristic wine area’s: Gallaecia. Album comes in a deluxe 6 side digipack ::: mp3 / mp3

CAPRICE "6 Secret Words" digipack CD Prikosnovenie
Prikosnovenie commissions the Russian neoclassical ensemble Caprice an album about relaxation and inner trip. Harp, piano, chimes, cello and violins lead us deep inside ourselves. Every sound is built to make an echo in us, each musical landscape becomes a mirror. This album reminds of the beauty of Caprice "Elvenmusic" trilogy like an imaginary movie's atmosphere. mp3 / mp3 / mp3

CHANGES / ALLERSEELEN "Men among the ruins" digisleeve CD Ewers Tonkust 30Lt/10
The brandnew split release from Allerseelen and world famous neo-folkers Changes. The Allerseelen track "Tropfen schöner Zeit" is based of a tale from Yukio Mishima. A few tracks from him include Russian singing from Drynwhyl, a member of Svarrogh and Katatonia. The Changes tracks are brilliant oldschool folk, as we love them. 6 great songs.

DAEMONIA NYMPHE "The Bacchic Dance Of The Nymphes / Tyrvasia" digipack CD Prikosnovenie
The second album of the Greek fairies is made of 2 rare limited editions. Daemonia Nymphe tries to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity - musicians use incredible instruments like lyra, varvitos, krotala, pandoura... Songs are sung by balkanik choirs and bewitching female voices. In general this music refers to the Nymphs Satyrs, Pan and Dionysus, Divinities of the woods, lakes and mountains! ::: mp3

FLËUR "Dva oblaka" digifile CD (EP) ЯОК music - last copies 20Lt/8
Extended play album with 4 new songs, a prelude of the forthcoming fifth long-play record of the famo us Ukrainian group. The flowing bright melancholy, heavenly voices and calm though passionate harmonies... Artful and great. EP presents two studio tracks and two live songs in a nice exclussive digifile. ::: mp3

FLËUR "Vsio vyshlo iz-pod kontrolja" digipack CD Masterworth Production 30Lt/11
"Everything is out of control" is the fourth Fleur album, spreading even more sensual magic. The ethereal pixies come closer to acoustic sounding, more ascetic aesthetics and sound experiments. This creates unusual gothic moods, trip-hop trance, light art-rock odes. The lyrics are full of deep sense and music is hypnotic. 14 songs, 70+ min. ::: mp3 / mp3

FLËUR "Syianie" digipack CD ЯОК music 28Lt/11
The third and final album of the Fleur's trilogy. "Siyanie" (Shining) is a more rhythmed than previous two albums, the drums are emphasised and give an impetuous mood to the music. The beautiful fairy voices of Olga and Elena, singing in their native language, are stowing the music into unknown heights. 15 songs. Ukrainian edition. ::: mp3 / mp3

FLËUR "Volshebstvo (Magic)" digipack CD ЯОК music 28Lt/11
Hailing from Odessa in Ukraine, Flëur is somewhere between neofolk, neoclassical, and Russian ethereal pop. Their second album is full of contrasts and emotions, springing with femininity and sensuality. Vocals and piano accompanied by flute, cello, double-bass, guitars and digeridoo. 13 songs will take you to the depths of melancholy. Ukrainian edition. mp3 / mp3

FLËUR "Prikosnovenie" digipack CD ЯОК mus ic 28Lt/11
A debut album by now famous Ukrainian group, charming with ethereal, melancholic pop music. Two singing fairies are highly talented while they offer us their Slavonic sensibility, a refined lyricism and taste for beautiful melodies. The instrumentation blends piano, cello, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and flute for 13 dreamy songs. Ukrainian edition. mp3 / mp3

V/A INFLUENCE compilation CD Shadowplay 25Lt/10
The solid sampler includes the most interesting representatives of ethereal and darkwave genres on the modern scene. Among them are: Ataraxia, Chirleison, Corde Oblique, Daemonia Nymphe, Dandelion Wine, Donis, Endraum, Ethodius, Jack or Jive, Lacklustre Mirror, Moon Far Away, The Moon & the Night Spirit, Seventh Harmonic, Tempus Fugit. 14 songs, nicely designed.

KUTNA HORA "Obsession, Faith, Perseverance" digipack CD Ars Musica Diffundére 30Lt/10
Melodic dark folk at its best, enriched with a dense atmosphere and the melancholy of the singer's voice. The emotional and martial opus proves Argentinian band Kutna Hora to be one of the most gifted and talented artists in the genre. The second album with improved sound and some new and interesting elements. 13 songs in a nice black digipack. mp3 / mp3

MOON FAR AWAY vs. SIX DEAD BULGARIANS "Matitsa" digipack CD Shadowplay ::: temporary out of stock
This release shows MFA experimenting with their Arkhangelsk comrades SIX DEAD BULGARIANS - a cult industrial project in Russia, playing weird electronic. A remix of "Belovodie" album, with sampler rarities and 2 special folk songs, taking MFA music to danceable synth/idm lounge. 10 tracks, imprinted digipack, ltd. 500 copies (+pin). mp3 / mp3

MOON FAR AWAY "Lado World / Anti-Lado World" 2CD Shadowplay ::: temporary out of stock
A remastered 2CD re-release of "Lado World" - a debut MFA album. Esoteric, ethereal, ritual masterpiece - the beginning of Russian dark scene. 12 songs close to Dead Can Dance atmosphere. The bonus disc includes MFA songs performed by 17 international artists - Ritual Front, Hybryds, Dreams In Exile, Caprice, Theodor Bastard, Necro Stellar, etc. ::: www mp3

MOON FAR AWAY "Belovodie" CD Shadowplay ::: temporary out of stock
The third band's official full-lenght takes us to the Russian Northern Whitewaterland, still shining with great ritual folklore traditions. This is impressive, sensual, dreamlike journey again... The Russian release, different from Prikosnovenie, includes a bonus track. 52 min., tine designs. ::: www mp3

MOON FAR AWAY "Sator" CD Brudenia ::: temporary out of stock
Probably the best esoteric darkwave group that comes from Russia, founded in Arkhangelsk. Mystical, harmonious ethno-cosmic ambiences and ritual rhythms accompanied by folk instruments and beautiful female vocals. 10 songs. ::: www mp3

O PARADIS "Serpiente de Luna, Serpiente de Sol" digipack CD Aorta 35Lt/12
Magic folk and love songs from Catalonia, a marvellous neo-cabaret manifestation from Demian, whose mournfull and nostalgic vocals sweetly enchant with every graceful song. Vocal harmonies, touching orchestration, minimal percussion utilising a myriad of devices - all combine to create a miraculous release. Its sentimental, sincere, and goes straight to the heart.

ORCHIS "Trait" CD Brudenia
The special release dedicated to celebrate 10 years of the band. Material from the group's three albums to date as well as songs from compilations and an unreleased track from "Gloria Melancholia". Neofolk tunes merge in gothic atmosphere, plus touch of industrial games.

SANGRE CAVALLUM "Patria Granitica" digipack CD Ahnstern 35Lt/12
Granite Fatherland - is the long awaited album from the northern Portuguese group representing esoteric pagan traditions. It contains 10 powerful songs of heroic traditional music and beautiful folk-ballads. The artists perfectly play a large variety of early traditional instruments, blended with electrical sounds and mesmerizing psychedelic arrangements. mp3 / mp3

STURMPERCHT "Geister im Waldgebirg" digipack CD Percht/Steinklang 35Lt/11
A journey through the deepest Austrian and South Bavarian forests and mountains with all their myths and legends, old pagan rites and cults. The Alpin-folk project presents powerful martial hymns, fragile folk-ballads and weird songs about strange folks and creepy animals. Featuring Werkraum, Allerseelen, Sangre Cavallum and Waldteufel members. 70+ min. mp3 / mp3

TEAR GARDEN, The "Dlia teh kto progulialsia by s bogami" CD Brudenia 
The outstanding project of cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) and Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) that leads to ethereal electronic melancholy and psychodelia. A special Russian “the best of” kind release including rare tracks, limited to 2000 copies. 10 songs.



Folk : World : Ethno : Fusion

ANTRABATA "Dark & Bright" digipack CD Prikosnovenie
French Antrabata comes back with a second album - a darker mix of Indian down-tempo with psyche/folk from the 60's/70's, the cold wave from the 80's, the trip-hop from the 90' and the electronica from the 2000. It is mysterious, bewitching, beautiful produced and melodically touching. Femke's voice is just right and will put you under a magic spell.! www_mp3

ANTRABATA "Elephant Reveries" CD Prikosnovenie
This Parisian trio invites us to a sweet, melancholic and exotic trip. Music looks like trip-hop of Portishead, Boards of Canada, with a deep bass, lunar flute, cello, folk or electric guitars and down-tempo beats. Sitars bring coloured enchanting atmospheres... Enigmatic and mysterious, this first album spreads good vibes with slight nostalgic touch. A fantastic new talent to follow! ::: mp3 / mp3 / mp3

CORDE OBLIQUE "The Stones of Naples" CD Prikosnovenie
This is the fifth album of the Italian guitarist-composer Riccardo Prencipe. He gathered the most beautiful female voices from Naples & talented bands such as Ashram, Mediavolo, Hexperos, Argine... A warm music between Mediterranean folk, world & neoclassical. The 12 tracks album comes with a 24 p' booklet, English translations & beautiful photos. mp3 / mp3 / mp3

DAKHA BRAKHA "Yahudki" CD 28Lt/€11
A first studio CD of this original Ukrainian ethno-chaos group. A tremendous tribal energy springs from multiple folkloric voices and shamanic percussion. CD has 11 well recorded songs, many of those were also featured on the debut live album of the group. Instruments: Indian tablas, buddhistic gong, marakas, cello, Russian treschotki etc. ::: mp3

DAKHA BRAKHA "Na dobranich" CD 25Lt/€10
Listen to the great post-folk group from Ukraine! Vital energy of tribalism, rhythmic trips to the primeval mode of magic folklore, enchanting tune of witchy female voices - all breath from the live recorded Dakha Brakha album. Ethnos + chaos the combination of two fundamental substances, create the world of music in a variety of native melodies rythms - the world of unexpected, intimate and new music. 18 songs. ::: mp3 / mp3

HOLOSY MYNULOHO. Zhyvi perekazy Poltavschyny (Music Heritage of Ukraine) digipack CD 28Lt/€11
(Voices of the Past. Live Narratives of Poltavschina). The album offers to the listener traditional Poltava region music of various styles and epochs – without arrangements, in the pure form. Such recordings may grow almost impossible in a very close future. Thus, listen – and do not say that you did not see it. 16 songs. ::: mp3 / mp3

KOLO RICHKY, KOLO BRODU (Music Heritage of Ukraine) digipack CD 28Lt/€11
(At a River, at a Ford). CD includes Poltava region folk songs of various genres and styles. Songs of the full year cycle are intertwined into the whole of the fabric – from winter holidays and up to the harvest time. They are mixed with lyric songs, ballads – but there are also a wedding and a cradle melody, and a few dancing ones. A full ancient life cycle for Your experience. 16 songs. ::: mp3 / mp3
- : Other

MISSTRIP "Sybilline" digipack CD Prikosnovenie
A lovely discovery from France! An 80s keyboard smoothly breathes a crystalline atmosphere; intimate (yet) sometimes worrying. A low bass such as in Massive Attack is humming, starting a subtle trip-hop beat. Then, a heavy and powerful guitar develops. The emotional journey of Misstrip begins here between sensuality, power and feeling. 12 tracks + video. mp3 / mp3

LYS "Melisse" CD Prikosnovenie
The second album of LYS - a famous French ethno project by Prikosnovenie manager Frederic Chaplain. Mixing dreamy oriental samples with shamanic voices and poetry, carries us in a smooth and relaxing voyage through sounds of Nature, ambience and ethnica. You will find in this album beautiful ethno-trip-hop jewels and incredible collaborations. ::: mp3 / mp3

LYS "Roi-Lune" CD Prikosnovenie
This CD describes a dreamy journey in moonshine. Hypnotical rhythm and ethno trance, mystical landscapes where a male and female body come togehter. LYS sounds like a ritual of love or like emotions that shine through soft, thin curtains. Album contains 11 enchanting pieces of oriental trip-hop. ::: mp3



Industrial : Martial : Ambient : Electronic : Experimental

AIN SOPH "Oktiabr" digipack CD Old Europa Cafe
Almost three decades passed, while exists this industrial-ambient collective from Italy. This time they decided to pay a tribute to the tales of russian soldier during the October revolution… “Politically incorrect” album is blended with acoustic instrumentation and Italian cabaret. Released in digipak with additional 3’’ mini CD which have bonus audio and video tracks. Limited to 1000. ::: mp3

ARDITI "Omne Ensis Impera" digipack CD Equilibrium Music
The last full-length Arditi album is back with precious and elitist martial music, which can you hear in their previous works. "Omne Ensis Impera" is the best product, suggested by this martial/neo-classical duo. Some tracks were contributed by Kamrat Nordvargr. ::: mp3 / mp3 / mp3

AGHIATRIAS "Ethos" digipack CD Epidemie Records 30Lt/10
Brand 4th album of legendary Prague old school industrialists Aghiatrias overflows you with an apocalyptic orchestral dark ambient sounding and severe noise. The central motif of this album is the refusal of broadly accepted materialistic view of the world and its future. Limited to 500 copies. ::: mp3 / mp3

AGHIATRIAS "Regions of Limen" digipack CD Epidemie Records 25Lt/10
The latest project's release spreading the black digital plague from dark alcoves of Prague for the third time. Powerful symphonic soundscapes cause tectonic vibrations between neo-classical and post-industrial, bringing to abstract confrontation the real and surreal in subconsciousness - synthetic ambient versus industrial noise generators. 9 tracks, 70 min.

AGHIATRIAS "Epidaemia Vanitatis" digipack CD Integrated Music 25Lt/10
The veterans of Czech industrial scene - Vladimir Hirsch and Tom Saivon - come with the second Aghiatrias' album. Horrifying death ambient orchestrations, mesmerising and powerful, eerie and violent experience in 4 tracks, 45 min. Exclussive 2 sections digipack.

AS ALL DIE/VEINKE "Thru Vacuum Of Blackened Space/Destitution" split CD Dragon Flight 20Lt/9
Intriguing split release from ethereal neoclassical neofolk band Ass All Die (the minds eye of Clint Listing, with members of Long Winter’s Stare) and solid industrialists Veinke, bringing forth the dark ambient doom.

CHAOS RESEARCH "Revalations" CD ---
An experimental solo project of Marko M. Hautamäki, known from such Finnish and German bands as Majesty, Two Witches, SinMasters, Gravehill Paris Witch, some film music, etc. The music is unique combination of neo-classical, dark ambient, ethno and electronic music. 12 tracks with an aim to express something new in the genre. ::: www mp3

CLOSING THE ETERNITY and AD LUX TENEBRAE "Nearby Being" digisleeve CD Epidemie Records 30Lt/12
Wonderful cooperation of two Uralian projects. Fascinating ritual shamanic drone ambient changing your consciousness. A real delicacy for lovers of Alio Die, Troum, Sostrah Tinnitus... Limited edition of 500 copies in digisleeve.

COCYTUS "Dtxenioutha" CD Ekishnugal Records 25Lt/10
Mesmerizing ambiental soundscapes with occultist whispers and ritual sounds, dreamy dirge unisons, distant chants and sombre smouldering ashes... Deeply hibernal music ideal for bleak nights of solitary contemplation. Australian project, comparable to Raison d'etre, Lustmord and Vidna Obmana. 9 tracks plus video file. ::: mp3

CONTEMPLATRON "Antarabhava / The Six Realms" CD Wrotycz 25Lt/10

Dark ritual ambient, exploring much more for what this traditional term usually stands for. Originated from Poland, the project was inspired by "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" and based upon the Buddhist tradition. Over 70 min. of gloomy soundscapes refer to the state between death and the next birth. Cardboard sleeve, limited to 500 copies. ::: mp3 / mp3 / mp3


DENSE VISION SHRINE "A Voyage of Imagination" CD Epidemie Records 30Lt/12
Mysterious neoclassic dark ambient - one of the projects from well known Norwegian artist Karsten Hamre. Impeccably gloomy, droning away at funeral pace, this Scandinavian offering comes soaked in swirling menace, a walk down a twilight path populated by croaking birds and gothic gravestones shrouded in fog. Ltd 500 edition in a special A5 package. ::: myspace

FILAMENT 38 "Fractured" CD Negative Gain 20Lt/10

An industrial project drawing from multiple influences that include noise, ambient, techno and EBM. Using synthetic sounds and samples behind strong vocals, F38 produces its own brand of aggressive danceable electronic music. The debut release from Cleveland mastermind Ash contains 10 tracks of pure electro-industrial.


FIRST HUMAN FERRO "The Halo Over Pontiff’s Hearse" CDr Eldritch Music ---

One of the best noise/death industrial act in Eastern vastelands. The second project's album offers 7 dreary, ultra depressed compositions, inlcuding bonus track, in a nice silver printed cardboard sleeve - from Ukraine with darkness.

IN THE NURSERY "Era" CD Shadowplay
Creators of sensuous soundscapes from England, In The Nursery on this album explore the themes of architecture, urban decay, and regeneration. A full bombastic, sound driven by militaristic drumming and strings pull against darkly spectral vocals to serve as a vision of strength. Massive Attack's S. J. Hawley singing on 3 songs. 10 tracks, slipcase. ::: mp3 / mp3

IN THE NURSERY "Cause + Effect" CD Shadowplay
A unique collection of specially commissioned and exclusive remixes from throughout In The Nursery's 20 year back catalogue. Contributing artists include - Faith & The Muse, Attrition, Assemblage 23, And Also The Trees, Chandeen, Haujobb, Electronium, Flesh Field, Ivan Iusco & Seize. 13 tracks. ::: mp3 / mp3

JÄÄPORTIT "Avarrus" digisleeve CD Epidemie Records 28Lt/11
A Finnish band playing profoundly azure electronic ambient. Their third auditory manifestation contains five new diverse songs that grow over simple limits. Rhythmic combinations and minimalistic soundscapes of digital machines is enlivened by acoustic instruments and female voice... Frosty, fragile and deep ambient. Ltd 500 copies digisleeve. ::: www mp3

KARNA "Diabolic (Soundtrack For My Nightmares)" CD Possession/Eternal Pride 28Lt/€10
One of the longest standing and most legendary industrial ambient bands from Russia, Karna perform brilliant satanic black ambient (very much inspired by the first MZ.412 albums) filled with cold night feelings, spreading darkness and ghostly soundscapes. Truly chilling desolation that will drag you into the endless abyss... mp3

KARNA "Dead Cities Lights" CDr Eternal Pride 20Lt/€8
The gloomy ambient failures, the blacky malicious whisper, the increasing tension, immersing in black chaos. Limited to 500 copies black pro-CDR comes with a sticker and printed booklet. Brilliant cold wave immersed in dark ambient. ::: mp3

LIMBO "Compendium: The Light Fall" CD Cursed Land 20Lt/10

This CD celebrates the 20th anniversary of the cult Italian darkwave band and presents a collection of unreleased and remastered tracks from 1984 to 2004. The project members - GianLuca Beccuzzi (ex-Kirlian Kamera, Pankow, etc) and D.Loop - offer a dark electronic set of 18 tracks.


MICHAEL DOWNING and INSANE ASYLUM "Heaviness of Underworlds" split CDr Kultura Industrialna 10Lt/€5

A guy from USA and guy from Poland offer you a noisy hour, flavoured with harsh industrial attacks, shivering ambient pieces, tasty glitches and original sound constructions. Nice debut. 6 tracks from each project. Comes in a paper envelope.


MIMETIC MUTE "Positive" (2)CD Moloko+
This 2CD diptych release was produced by two different labels. On both albums, Mimetic shows his talent for a frightening, sensual, mysterious and magnetic electronic art. Between industrial culture (Psychic TV, Einsturzende Neubauten) and avant-garde techno full of hallucinating rythms, Mimetic delivers a music for the soul and body... mp3
both CDs

MIMETIC MUTE "Negative" (2)CD Prikosnovenie
This 2CD diptych release was produced by two different labels. On both albums, Mimetic shows his talent for a frightening, sensual, mysterious and magnetic electronic art. Between industrial culture (Psychic TV, Einsturzende Neubauten) and avant-garde techno full of hallucinating rythms, Mimetic delivers a music for the soul and body... mp3

MONSTRARE "IsFet" CD Dragon Flight Recordings - last copies 25Lt/12

Bleak and desolate creation of haunting occultish sounds from Cordell famous american creator of Vedisni project. The profound mystic travel in a world of harsh and assaulting sound - dark ambient and abstract electronics. 13 tracks.


NAPALMED "Never mind the MSBR, here's the Napalmed" CD 18Lt/7
Czech violent noise project. Crude sound attack based in guitars and industrial effects, no melodies, no rythms, no arrangments, only a tormented, brain damaging noise. The release bringing down all the boundaries of the sound! Series of 1000 numbered copies, both-sided 12-pannel full-coloured cover.
NEKYIA "Attuner of the Spheres" CD Fluttering Dragon 25Lt/12
New great project presents dark orchestral industrial inspired by ancient Greek mythology and funeral rituals of European tribes. Amazing female vocals, 18 rituals, 45 min.  
NO XIVIC "Uneksija" CD Onyxia 25Lt/10
The crackling soundscapes of dark ambient, great isolationist music from Finnish composer Henkka Kyllonen. A terrific, deep creation with lots of time and space, a dark atmosphere of persistent solitude. A magic audio traet for those living slow and true. CD comes in a nice cardboard-sleeve, 8 tracks, 73 min.
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT "If god lived on earth, we would break his windows" CD Fluttering Dragon 25Lt/10
Esoteric and cold ambient industrial music created by Frederik Bergstrom, live member of Ordo Equilibrio and Mortiis. The 3rd and definitely best album of the most wicked and perverted Swedish project!!! -
OMEN FAUSTUM “Circusses” CDr Eldritch Music  15Lt/8
Dark experimental ambient with deep gloomy atmosphere, created by Belarussian experimental artists Vlad Buben (member of Bachus). Harsh haunting marchlike compositions slightly reminding Blood Axis. 11 tracks, 1 hour of unknown mechanisms' disharmonies. Circusses is a relaxation for harsh and right people... -
SIMPLY DEAD'S "Structure of Minds" CD Fluttering Dragon 30Lt/12
New marvellous project of Jan Boman (live-singer for In Slaugter Natives) and Per Nibell. Subtle melancholic music of dark electronic nature - an excellent ambiental blend of ethereal-industrial, - very refreshing, dreamy and lightful. Upon these wispy sonics are stattered film and spoken samples, slight ethnic percussion and movements. Great album!

SOULCRUSH "Soulcrush" CD Dragon Flight Recordings 25Lt/10
Soulcrush debuts with an album full of dark moods and droning sounds. Textural guitar sounds for a bleak and unforgiving world. Multi layered and almost suffocation feelings from this ex-member of Vedisni. An album for fans of MAEROR TRI and darker LUSTMORD moments. In a special DVD case, 1000 copies. -

TABOR RADOSTI "Lamat" digipack CD Epidemie Records 30Lt/12
This mysterious duo coming from magic Czech town Jihlava had been composing at their studio for long nine years and only few years ago decided to reveal the material to the audience. An impressive album with precise shamanic ritual dark ambient. 10 tracks. Limited digipack edition - 500 copies. ::: mp3 / mp3

THE GOLDEN AGE OF DARKNESS II triple-split CD Dragon Flight Recordings 20Lt/8
20 min. of dark industrial from HELTER INCENDO (dark martial soundscapes similar to Sephiroth, In Slaughter Natives and Protagonist), HOLLOWING (eerie industrial meets minimal ritualistic ambient qualitie) and WHEN JOY BECOMES SADNESS (ritualistic industrial meets harsh noise). -
TIERMES "Tiermes" CD Elfenblut 30Lt/13
Highly addictive psychedelic psylocybe drones from eminent Finnish artists Jussi Saivo and Jarkko Toivonen, released on a sublabel of cult Misanthropic label. 6 eleborated experimental compositions, magic ritual of Nature. Imposing original lay-out with a transparent print on the box. -
V/A TONAL ONE compilation CDr Ixtlan Indvstries 4Lt/2
The promotional sampler of our Latvian comrades label Ixtlan Indvstries. Experimental audioelectronic, noise and shaman music made by Die Blutleuchte, Twrch Trwyth, Antireality, Hydra Hyde, Sunne, Dead Reptile Shrine, Mathias Grassow and Syndrome. More than 80 min., CDr in an envelope. -

TORE HONORÉ BØE "Suave Siesta" CD Purple Soil 20Lt/10
Solo project from the instigator of Origami Republika / Galaktika (& other related projects). This nice CD contains two releases on one disc. Previous Jazzassin release "Siesta" is coming with new material "Suave", created using field recordings, minimally processed sounds with plenty of silence and intelligent effects. 80 min. of pleasant serenity with great artwork. -

VON THRONSTAHL "E Pluribus Unum" digipack CD Cold Spring
On the second Von Thronstahl album we can find all tracks from the various compilation releases and rare 10‘‘ vinyls. Also there are some remixes and unreleased pieces. Von Thronstahl martial industrial epic continues. Re-released in digipak with booklet. ::: mp3s

VON THRONSTAHL "Imperium Internum" digipack CD Cold Spring
First full-lenght Von Thronstahl album that grimly convulsed all the hearts of military anthems fans. This incredible orchestral power will be enjoyable to the lovers of In Slaughter Natives, Laibach, Turbund Sturmwerk and Blood Axis. A fantastic booklet is packed with images of Von Thronstahl and their manifesto. ::: mp3s



Gothic : Darkwave : Electro-industrial

V/A A KISS IN THE REPTILE HOUSE compilation CD Shadowplay 25Lt/10
Nice Gothic Rock sampler from Shadowplay - with Siela, The Way of All Flesh, The House of Usher, Pink Turns Blue, Doppelganger, Funhouse, Two Witches, Redemption, etc - 17 bands total. This compilation consists of bands from various periods of Gothic Rock, but all of them were successful in unusual understanding of imperishable things!

ACT NOIR "Automatisme Psychique" CD My Kingdom Music 25Lt/€10
Very promising and original bew band in Italian dark rock scene. A debut album comes as an ideal point of union between Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and the dark mood of bands like Monumentum or Canaan. It is an obscure trip throughout the meanders of the human dark side for what the same band defines a true psych dark rock journey. 11 tracks. ::: www mp3

AIBOFORCEN "Kafarnaum" CD Shadowplay
The 4th Belgian artists' album offers a complex mixture of eclectic electronic - from harsh ebm to crunching power industrial through dark trip hop with a certain future pop touch and their trademark combination of harsh male growls and sensual female vocals. Extremely rich in diversity, great surrealistic album. Shadowplay licenced release. 16 tracks. ::: myspace

V/A ANGEL CHILD IV compilation CD M&A MusicArt 20Lt/€10

New premier Swedish gothic label's compilation featuring various international bands like Dark Side Cowboys, Funhouse, Dawn of Oblivion, Star Industry, Saints in Hell, Killing Miranda, The Misled, Spares, God's Bow, Burning Gates and others - 14 bands and tracks in total. Nice modern overview with several catchy hits - a black suprise for the new millenium...


V/A ANGEL CHILD III compilation CD M&A MusicArt 20Lt/€10

The Swedish premier gothic/alternative label's sampler, featuring 14 artists - The Last Dance, Funhouse, The Merry Thoughts, Pale Descent, Die Laughing, Suspiria, Children on Stun, Medicine Rain, The Saints of Eden, Sensorium, Never Mind, The House of Usher, Dawn of Oblivion and Tenebre. Rich, dark, emotive and energetic CD representing the goth scene of the 90s.


ANTISISTERS "Unz!" CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
Unsere Neue Zeitung (Our new time) - thats the formula for new dance electro-industrial hitmakers, a Russian band bursting with rought attitude and creativity. Living, mad, groovy and sexy - this dark album is dedicated to move bodies and minds. 10 tracks, 50 min., wrapper. ::: mp3
ASK EMBLA "Questions Asked" CD Fluttering Dragon 25Lt/ 10
Dark haunted music. The debut release by this promissing Norwegian project, who bring together beautiful and mournful vocals with genuine gothrock atmosphere and a pinch of industrial. Features former members of Shelly's Raven, and should appeal to fans of Aenima.

BUTTERFLY MESSIAH "Eternal" digipack CD Fossil Dungeon ---

The anticipated sophomore album from US artists Butterfly Messiah, "Eternal," evidences the bands' growth into a more mature outfit composing captivating and memorable songs by mesmerizing elegant synthpop-dance and heavenly voices with elements of wave, neo-classical / medieval, trip hop, electro ebm, and ambient themes. A magical 12 track album in a lavish black and white multi-panel digipak with silver ink and an exstensive booklet. www mp3


COLD DESIGN "Calendar Of Frozen Dates" CD Shadowplay
A debut album of the new Russian electro-goth hope - Voronezh band Cold Design. The band spent almost two years to create the debut album, offering dancefloor tracks and lyrical songs that are devoted to the eternal topics - love and parting, mystery of life and death. If you're fan of Terminal Choice or Clan Of Xymox, this album is for You. 9 tracks. ::: myspace

V/A COLORS OF BLACK vol.2 compilation 2CD Shadowplay
The second compilation is an attempt to define what the true independent Russian dark scene is like, how diverse and original it is. Underground "diaries" cover wide spectre of dark styles. This music is being made with a higher intelligence, and therefore, artistic, level than most of today scenes. A double CD album with 34 great tracks and many nice discoveries. ::: contents

V/A COLORS OF BLACK vol.1 compilation 2CD Shadowplay 36Lt/€15
The first Shadowplay release, the start of the mission. It presents the best Russian artists in different genres - classical gothic-rock, electro-goth, dark wave, ethereal, industrial ambient and apocalyptic folk. Here You found 34 artists with such names as Romowe Rikoito, Moon Far Away, Neutral, Stillife, Dvar, Cyclotitmia, Caprice, Virtual Server… ::: contents

CROWHEAD "Frozen" digipack CD My Kingdom Music - last copies 25Lt/€10
A fantastic dark creation of now famous Norwegian band, fusing gothic guitar heaviness with deeply touching darkwave atmosphere and strong clear vocals of Jo-Inge Slangsvold. Flowing rivers of seducing melodies and solid beats. Deluxe digipack CD includes 10 tracks and a remix + 12 page booklet.  

DAWN DESIREE' "Dancing, Dreaming, Longing..." digipack CD Fossil Dungeon 30Lt/13

The second solo release of vocal-piano artist Dawn Desiree'. "Dancing, Dreaming, Longing..." is an exhibition of Dawn's angelic soprano voice accompanied by a myriad of ethereal piano compositions, electro-pop, darkwave, and ethnic influences that paint a rich cascade of emotional depth. Featuring members from The Soil Bleeds Black. www mp3


DESPAIRATION "Music for the Night" CD My Kingdom Music 25Lt/€10
Orchestral gothic music, charged with decadent poetry and magic concept. German band offering up an innovating fourth effort, incorporating classical/acoustic guitars, keyboards, violin, cello, bassoon, flute, trumpet, didgeridoo, clean male vocals and sparse female singing. A long running album includes 18 tracks, 80 min. ::: www mp3

DOPPELGANGER "Saturnian Rings" CD Shadowplay
The fifth album by one of the oldest and most famous Russian gothic-rock bands. Here Doppelganger's music comes closer to the early sounding of gothic-rock and post punk. Thematic line explores interest to the role of Roman God Saturn in medieval alchemic teachings. 10 original tracks + 4 bonus remixes. ::: www_mp3

DOPPELGANGER "Dancing" CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
The new album of Moscow gothic-rock band, exceeding gothic traditions of early 90th. It was written under the influence of death-rock and The Sisters Of Mercy style, adding nice male vocals, hard guitar riffs and various rhythmic sections . If you look for usual yet elegant goth rock, try this record. 11 tracks, 48 min., wrapper. www mp3

DR. ARTHUR KRAUSE "Before and After" CD M&A MusicArt 25Lt/€10

Dr. Arthur Krause is new dark synth/rock project from Germany, which because of grim tones of their songs Dr.Krause often gets comparisons with The Sisters of Mercy fame. Project uses synthesizers, samplers, guitars, electric bass and the drummachine to create this pure enchantment to get back to the roots of old school goth. mp3 / www


ENDRAUM "Innerlichkeit" CD Shadowplay
The 4th ethereal album of German masters. Endraum's music creates a landscape of atmospheres and musical images. The lyrics capture a moment, describe it and make it real, almost touchable. Russian splicase edition w/ 11 original +3 bonus tracks. [All 3 Shadowplay's Endraum editions for 65Lt/25] ::: mp3 / mp3

ENDRAUM "In Flimmernder Nacht" CD Shadowplay
The second band’s album, deleted for ages and released originally by Dance Macabre. Beautiful pianos are combined with a female voice giving to this album a different and sophisticated sound with all the essence that Endraum is known for . Russian splicase edition w/ 10 original +2 bonus tracks. [All 3 Shadowplay's Endraum editions for 65Lt/25] ::: mp3 / mp3

ENDRAUM "Zeitenlicht" CD Shadowplay
The classics of the best German dark electronic art. The first Endraum's CD (1993) - all emotional and multi-layered, subtle, laconic and melancholic , - a story of a walk through "die mere dieser Zeit". It was the first time Endraum had to produce and compose. Russian slipcase re-release, 9 tracks. [All 3 Shadowplay's Endraum editions for 65Lt/25] ::: mp3 / mp3

FICTION 8 "Chaotica" CD Shadowplay
An additctive compound of gothic melancholy, flaming dance industrial and cold synthpop harmonies, filled with dark emotional male and beautiful female vocals. One of the best album by this American band, including killing hit "Let Go". Russian release, 10 album tracks + 3 special bonus. ::: www mp3

FADING COLORS "I'm scared of..." CD Shadowplay
Polish Fading Colour's masterpiece, breathing with dark electronic music and ethereal enchanting voice of vocalist DeCoy. An explosive mixture taken from darkwave, trance & ebm along with elements of ethno - it's great undercoat for De Coy's vocals and true gothic atmosphere. If you're looking for emotion, this is the right place. 9 tracks +bonus. ::: mp3 / mp3

GOLDEN APES "The Geometry Of Tempest" CD Shadowplay
The German gothic rock band known for melancholic-atmospherical songs and complex, partly surrealistic lyrics. Earcatching melodies, dark melancholic voice, powerful guitars and elegising soundscapes are definitely to spellbound any lover of in-depth intelligent dark music. 11 tracks. ::: myspace

HIEROS GAMOS "Fetish Remix" digipack CD-extra Excentrix 40Lt/€14
The special fetish-electro project of the well known Slovakian group, presenting outstanding modern remixes from the previous Lahka Muza albums. Dark orchestral flow, classical elements and mysterious Gudrun's singing creates a stunning ritualistic trance. The conceptual CD also includes an impressive photo galleries. 9 tracks in a deluxe digipack. www

IKON "Psychic Vampire" CD Shadowplay
Australian premier gothic trio Ikon is strongly influenced by the goth rock of the early to late 80s and early 90s, mixed with a dazzling amount of electronics. The modern darkwave/post-punk album is based arround EP title song, completing it up to full album with new versions and 3 bonus tracks. A Russian re-edition. 14 tracks.

IKON "Destroying the World to Save It" CD Shadowplay
A Russian version of the legendary Australian band's return. The new album breaths with contemporary gothic - blending classic gothic-rock guitars, progressive synth darkwave and touch of emotional dark folk. The first Ikon's fulltime studio album since 2001, offering the best songwriting and production seen yet from the band. Quality release with 13 tracks.

INTRA-VENUS "Irreverence" digipack CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
Dark hitting classics from Nightbreed Records, UK, reissued on the ambitious Russian label . Flowing from storming dance-floor tracks to brooding slower numbers, this CD is as smooth a blend of electro, industrial, goth and trance as you will ever find. Russian edition includes 2 bonus tracks (14 songs total), new artwork and is limited to 1000 copies.

V/A KUNIGUNDA LUNAR SONGS vol.6 compilation CD Kunigunda 20Lt/6
The promotional CD of Kunigunda Lunaria festival - featuring Spiritual Front, The Last Days of Jesus, Gothika, R oger Rotor, Desdemona, Diffuzion, Deathcamp Project, and Baltic artists - Vic Anselmo, Forgotten Sunrise, Ataka, Atvejis, Strops, Elektrogott, Svefn-G-Englar, Comedia d'el Arte. Limited 500 CDs release with 15 great dark tracks! ::: www mp3
LAHKA MUZA "V Zablesku Vecnosti (In a Flash of Eternity)" digipack CD Dangus 25Lt/12
The 5th  full-lenght of legendary Slovakian band charms with sublime gothic-industrial ritualism, hexen vocals and dark fetish sexuality. The sensual pulse, driven by strong chanting, ornamental guitars and powerful modern machinery, creates an elegant equilibrium between magic and industrial. CD includes 9 songs and heavy multimedia galleries. Dangus release  

LACKLUSTRE MIRROR "The Book of the Shattered Bonds" CD Shadowplay
A remarkable project from Russia, Lacklustre Mirror perform music that is often defined as 'dark art' - a passionate lyrical songs, mostly sung in Russian, with gloomy and dark in atmosphere. Including various elements from ethereal, darkwave, dark ambient and, especially, neoclassic. Most of the songs written between 1998 and 2005. 21 track . ::: myspace

MASK "Pride" CD Stereoskop-Maldoror 25Lt/10
"Pride"is the first solo album of Alex Brujas, best know as a music founder of Spanish dark synthpop band Stereoskop. This CD is a nice energetic combination of actual electronic music and darkwave style. CD also includes a videoclip "Paradise", developed in 3D.

MEPHISTO WALZ "Insidious" digipack CD Fossil Dungeon 30Lt/13

The long awaited new full length album from Mephisto Walz has arrived! An adroit, hot, and aggressive melange of memorable songs that hook the listener into a world of melancholic ethereal guitars, voices, and rhythms. A bold release from one of the few remaining classic gothic-ethereal-punk rock bands. Inspiring nostalgia and giving more emotive and passionate quality to your music. 10 songs presented in a luxorious digipak. www mp3


MIDNIGHT CONFIGURATION "Sepulchre Rose" CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
The Russian reedition of the recent British gothic-electro pioneers' album from famous Nightbreed Recordings. This album is totally cutting edge with its blend of black industrial and electro goth. Presenting two parts blend of post gothic commercialism, electro goth, darkwave dance floor, satanic tour de force of banging beats, cruel guitars and wicked, yet poignant samples. A truly original, raw genius. Russian edition includes 2 bonus tracks (16 songs total) and is limited to 1000 copies.

MILITIA CHRISTI "Non Timor Domini, Non Timor Malus" CD Cursed Land 25Lt/12

Esoteric gothic art from Italy, filled with massive electronic vibes and gloomy fetish extravaganza. Quite astonishing and very much danceable this album features complex songs' textures and heretical lyrics (impressive litanies and apocalyptic prophecies). The follow-up of the well-acclaimed debut "Ordo Militia Templi" includes 10 tracks.


MISLED, The "Secret Sea" CD M&A MusicArt 20Lt/€10
A melodic and introspective release from this Scandanavian act, which is nominally gothic, but often given an ''alternative'' label. A subtle darkwave, well produced and amazingly emotional piece of art. The Misled are often described as a mixture between The Cure and Depeche Mode. 9 songs. mp3

MIRIAM "When Beauty Is Invisible" CD Shadowplay
New melodic shades from elegant Italian trio - mesmerizing, visionary and deep. 10 completely new tunes that span across electro, ethereal and orchestral atmospheres, melting it all together through the addition of new sonic landscapes. Miriam's outstanding, gentle voice explores both innermost depths and infinitely distant horizons... 11 harmonies. ::: myspace

NARR! "Souls Are Flying Now" CD Cursed Land 25Lt/10

Impressive, loud, aggressive and tuneful electro industrial from Italy, resuming the modern gothic pathway extended by Hocico and artists alike. The members of Narr!, formerly knwon from such bands as Limbo, Necromass and Alptraume, now are blasting their ideas through wicked EBM beats. 12 songs strongly recommended!


NECRO STELLAR "White Tranquility. Russian Album" CD Shadowplay
Necro Stellar devotes this album to the all dead within the Second World War. Respect for ancestors strengthens the invisible connection of generations. Obelisk'ue dark electronic and psychodelic rock, folk and ambient with various effects create a majestic album based on Russian heroism. 11 tracks. ::: myspace

NECRO STELLAR "Pulsing Zero" CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
Russian ensemble shows the cosmic power of dark electronic and analogue music creation. Majestic, and rousing, but also very mixed, this album moves away from the "Saturating Cemetery" album and goes off on more of a forthright tangent, showcasing more their weird existence on a small ice-bound bridge between the Industrial and Electro worlds. 11 trx +4 bonus ::: mp3

NECRO STELLAR "Saturating Cemetary" CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
Voodoo electro darkwave from the Moscow occult scene veterans. It varies from dark ambient and psychedelic rock to cyber and ebm. The instruments - from old soviet synthesizers to percussions made of human bones. The mild beats are followed by the classical contrast of low male and ethereal female vocals. Mysterious dances! 12 tracks, 62 min., wrapper.


V/A NEUE GEN-ERA-TION II "Khazad Dums" compilation CD New Band Underground (Black Rain now) 20Lt/10
An old and interesting compilation from 1995, Olaf Sider production presenting original gothic bands - Overgament, The Evasion On Stake, Yester, Sea of Tranquility, White Collar Carousel, Conspiracy, Siela...

NO NAME DESIRE "Wastelands" digipack CD Monopolrecords 28Lt/€11
Strong excellent debut from Czech - hard electro-EBM with fast rhythmic, distorted vocals and rich elaborated melodic lines. Powerful music with a lot of refreshing drive energy, reminding earlier Hocico works. Solid digipack includes 10 songs + 2 bonus tracks and a sticker. Limited to 1000 copies. ::: www mp3

PENITENT "Songs of Despair" CD Beyond Production 25Lt/10
After several albums released on Cold Meat Industry, Dark Vinyl, Prophecy and Draenor/Napalm, famous Norse dark ambient composer Karsten Hamre decided to change his musical direction, building up the "Songs of Despair". This work, full of elements from darkwave, gothic, doom metal, theatrical madness with some industrial/apocalyptic sounds.

PLAN E "Bassonova" CD My Kingdom Music 25Lt/€10
A wondrous psychedelic dark rock group from Finland breaths with deep deep melancholia. The second album on the Italian label offers an original decadent mix of The Sisters, Joy Division, the magnificence of Nick Cave, and eclecticism of Beyond Dawn. 70s rock meet new wave atmospheres with a harder approach a la Type O Negative. 10 tracks ::: mp3 / mp3

PLAN E "Best Kept Secret" CD My Kingdom Music 25Lt/€10
An original darkwave where Joy Division meets Nick Cave. Minimalistic, avantgardish and very melancholic, the 3rd bands album shines with good production and special atmosphere. The passionate vocals are done my Jani Lehtosaari (a former drummer of Impaled Nazarene! :) CD includes 10 songs and a nice video. ::: mp3 / mp3

PROSCRIPTOR "The Serpentine Has Rised" CD Dragon Flight Recordings 25Lt/10
The second CD offering of Proscriptor, an unusual gothic mix of celtic, middle eastern rock, experimental and industrial sounds by the well known former Cruel Moon/Cold Meat Industries artist. ::: mp3 / mp3

PURPLE SIDE FOG "Could It Ever Be Expressed?" CD Shadowplay
A brand new album of Russian darkwave/synth-goth scene veterans, balancing on the edge of sometimes violent and straight-out cyber-aesthetics and melancholic melodism. Besides dark and gloomy tones, great dancefloor bombs seamlessly co-exist with mellow ballads for evening loneliness. 13 tracks +2 bonus remixes. ::: myspace

SIDERARTICA "Night Parade" CD Shadowplay
Siderartica is a band around Kirlian Camera's singer Elena Fossi, her brother Andrea Fossi and collaborator Andrea Savelli. Music goes on from melodic 80s tracks and new wave to experimental pieces and dancable tracks. The mostly electronic music has an icy and hypnotic Italian sound, well complemented by the deep female vocals. Russian re-edition, 12 tracks.

TANQUAM "Artanasan" digipack CD Karavan 24Lt/€10
Wonderful first album by Russian quatuor, melting voices and strings in a dreamy and neo-classical atmosphere. The band has academic musical influences. Album explores the themes and medieval moods of the Dark Ages, mixing electronic sound and live playing. 7 eleborated tracks, a hour of dark opera! ::: mp3

THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS "Dead Machines' Revolution!" CD Shadowplay ::: out of stock
Exceptionally well produced new album of Slovakian goth/deathrock legend – fresh, funny and absolutely unique in their non-arbitrary diversity. Ironically exciting neo-batcave-postpunk-goth, referring to the spooky deathrock background and straight punk pogo hymns. 13 tracks of absolute horror fun!

TWO WITCHES "Bites" CD Shadowplay 25Lt/€10
A Russian re-release of gothic rock classic album from 1995. Originally released on Talitha Records (Germany) this Finnish vampyre album became a legendary piece in early gothic scene of Europe. A release with new artwork. 10 songs + video clip "Requiem" ::: www

TWO WITCHES "Eternal Passion" digipack CD Shadowplay 30Lt/€12
Great album from the most gothic band of Finland! The CD surprises not only with sexual fetish images, but also the new quality sounding. Heavy energetic gothic rock, driving with aggression blended with melody. Released on Nightbreed Records in Britain in 1999, then licenced by Shadowplay in Russia. 12 songs + 2 live bonus tracks in a stylish black digipack. ::: www

TWO WITCHES "Agony of the Undead Vampire pt.II" CD Actcom Music 25Lt/€10
The reissue of the legendary Finnish band's debut in 1992, - this CD includes 11 remastered songs, earlier published on albums "The Vampire's Kiss" and "Bites And Kisses", as well as 3 rare bonus tracks. The "Jubilee edition" (10 years from the debut) shows how the Two Witches differ from other gothic bands - these early songs sound really dark and creepy...! ::: www

TWO WITCHES "Sacrifice" single CD Darklands 12Lt/€5
New Two Witches showcase, presenting a 5 pieces of danceable gothic-electronic-rock. The title song "Spirit Sacrifice" appears really catchy, here you can find the original version and a remix from D.Scheuber Of Project Pitchfork. The single EP is limited to 500 copies, so get yours one and... dance with the Devil!

TWO WITCHES "May You Be in Heaven" single CD Actcom Music 10Lt/€5
An explosive dark single from the grim Finland - seducing with gothic metal groove and sinister synth melodies. Together with hard title song this release carries "The Dark Angels Of Sin" club remix of Soil & Eclipse, and 2 energetic live songs, performed in Mexico City. 4 tracks for gothic fan collection.



Metal : Dark Rock : Alternative
ALKONOST "Alkonost" CD Beverina
Heavy dark melodies and epic tunes in a form of death/doom metal, artfully forged by Russian blacksmiths. Folk metal in best Slavonic traditions. 9 tracks, b/w layout.

ANCIENT DRIVE "Black Orgies" CD Actcom Music 25Lt/€10
Freezing sinister gothmetal from Suomi, a debut album bringing some passionate memories of early Paradise Lost, later Moonspell, Children Of Bodom and bands like that. Also strong influences from The Sisters Of Mercy. The quality recording pleases with rich guitar lines and magnificent melodies. 10 great epic songs.

BABYLON WHORES "Cold Heaven" CD Misanthropy/Heroine 25Lt/€10
That great debut album from these devilish Finnish death-rockers! Raw burning power and dark philosophical sorcery... full of a fuckin decadent raving energy! Legendary Misanthropy label release.

BABYLON WHORES "Deggael" MCD Spinefarm 20Lt/€8
More painfull death rockenroll and decadent philosophy - outstanding goddamned atmosphere and groovy as hell guitars! Strongly melodic and oddly haunting... thats 2nd release from this band. 6 tracks EP with one video (In arcadia ego) incl.
CAPRICORNUS "Alone Against All" CD Supernal Music
Debut album from Capricornus' (Thor's Hammer, ex-Graveland) eponymous project. The explosion of disgust towards the system based on illusions of equality, freedom, and brotherhood culminates 10 years of the band's existence. Early school of Polish black metal with more extreme vocals and a more radical stance, as well as cosmic ambiance. 12 songs. mp3

CUMDEO "The Threads of Imagination" CD Rest in Peace
Strong and masterful release from Smolensk, Russia - well composed and arranged emotional death/doom metal with great sounding. Melancholic atmosphere, elegic guitars, mostly deathy vocals, with some added clean singing and a bit of keyboards/piano in the background. 8 songs, lyrics in English.

DAWN OF OBLIVION "Mephisto's Appealing" CD M&A MusicArt
Dawn of Oblivion are goth, metal and aggressive rock outfit from Sweden. They master both slow, eerie songs as well as fast rockier ones. The Scandinavian press often compare them with Paradise Lost or Type O Negative. The third band's full release offers mesmerising doom gothic with deep male vocals. mp3 / www

DAWN OF OBLIVION "Haunted" single CD M&A MusicArt
An single EP release from Swedish goth metal/rock group, presenting passionate deathrock stories with deep male vocals. Some critics draw analogues with Dreadful Shadows. CD includes 4 tracks - two version from the forthcoming "Mephisto's Appealing" album and two enchanced versions from previous works. Good present for any grim gothic lover. mp3
DEINONYCHUS "Ark of Thought" CD Supernal Music
Harsh, depressive gothic/doom, the third bands album with lyrics co-written by Alex Kurtagic. Mr. Kehren's idiosyncratic vocal style with a maximum level of dark expressionism. The 8 songs offer sad, catatonic melodies, contrasting tempos, accoustic instants, virulent guitars, deep keyboard arrangements. Guaranteed to wipe the smile off your face. mp3

DEINONYCHUS "Insomnia" CD My Kingdom Music 25Lt/€10
Gloomy and doomy death/black metal from Holland, impressive sunless music from a great band with attitude. "Insomnia" is a hallucinating journey into the meanders of your innermost pain built completely inspired by September the 11st, 2001. Five long elaborated compositions... Feat. guest musicians from Bethlehem, Novembre, Morgana's Kiss. ::: www mp3

DIVINA ENEMA "At the Conclave" CD - last copies
Dramatic and passionate gothic metal in the operetic veins of Arcturus. Sophisticated song structures, supplemented with female voice as well as cello, violin and tenor sax performed by professional musicians make this unique dark album beyond any doubts, an exceptional work. Great surprise from Belarus. 9 elaborated tracks and thick booklet.

DEMIMONDE "Mutant Star" digipack CD Epidemie Records
Pioneering metal album of Czech scene! Mix of atmospheric doom, black, gothic, ambient and industrial elektronic with growling male and clean female vocals. Original and changing cyber music, which reminds Plasma Pool in some parts. 5 tracks, 43 min. + interactive, limited massive digipack. After this band members founded a psy-trance project MutantStar.

DUSK "Jahilia" digipack CD Epidemie Records
Complicated and atmospheric, indeed oriental death/doom metal from Pakistan! The sophomore recording by progressive riffing ambient merchants Dusk is a salute to the night – light that satisfies the realm of eternal selflessness - an experience that treads on unexplained atmospheres. 8 songs, 42 min. + video, nicely designed limited digipack.

DYING PASSION "Sweet Disillusions" CD Metal Breath/Epidemie
Passionate melodic, post-doom metal act from Czechia. The new third album features rock music with excellent female vocals and keybords + many add. instruments like trumpet, alt sax, clarinet, accoustic guitar etc. Fans of The Gathering should grab this. 10 songs, 46 min. + interactive/video, tiny 6 panel digipack ltd. to 300 copies. A perfect design by

EN DECLIN "Trama" CD My Kingdom Music 25Lt/€10
A jewel of shaded melancholy, a true dark rock portrait embracing the deep feelings of the last Anathema, the progressive contamination of the best Opeth, making lose yourselves into the emotional intensity of Tool, Kyuss and Jeff Buckley's magic. It is ethereal morphosis music that express the melancholy of human being with a defined modern sound. ::: myspace
ETHEREAL WOODS "In the Forest of Arden" CD Supernal Music
Second album from this UK entity. Intence black metal full of dreamy mysticism and sylvian sensibilities, but now with heavier guitars, a generally more robust sound, and more confident dynamics. A step forward from the debut. myspace
FALL OF THE GREY-WINGED ONE "In the Forest of Arden" CD Supernal Music
Monumental drone doom from Belgium, in a similar vein to Earth and Sunno))), but with a bleak ambient orientation and minimalist industrial influences. Professional release of the enigmatic 2002 recording, previously only available as a short-run CDr. ::: www mp3

FORGOTTEN SILENCE "Bya Bamahe Neem" CD Metal Breath/Epidemie
The facinating and original twist of metal from long running Czech band, focused on the experimental side of music. Described in terms of alternative rock, ethno-metal and even ambient, this CD comes as a pleasant surprise for open minded ones. Death style vocals here are accompanied by a calming female singer Hanka. 5 tracks, 34 min., outstanding designs.

FRAGILE HOLLOW "Effete Mind" CD Avantgarde Music
Youthful dark gothrock with a dramatic stories of love, despair and loss. The result of new-fashioned gothic rock wave from Finland. 12 sincere songs, all melodic and emotional, that should appeal to the listeners of 69 Eyes, HIM, Tiamat, To/Die/For and bands alike. mp3

FUNHOUSE "Flames of Love" CD M&A

Great 7th new album of Swedish classic gothic rock band with strong Mission influences and general sounding of 80's goth. Ten new tracks inspired and drawn from the band's personal and emotional experiences, focusing on a darker sound, massive atmopsphere. "Flames" mixes melodic guitar goth-rock with dancefloor hits. 10 tracks. Goth & roll baby!! www


FUNHOUSE "Never Again" CD M&A

If you are into good old school gothic rock this Swedish band's album is definitely something for you. A pumping bass and driving guitars keep the spirit of the Mission and Fields alive without sounding antiquated. All songs are about inhumanity and sorrow sung in a nostalgic manner offering a varied musical experience throughout the 12 tracks on this CD. mp3


FUNHOUSE "Friends" single CD M&A

A legendary Swedish band's single release unveiling the "Never Again" album. 4 tracks of well established quality gothic rock with impressive atmosphere. Nice, dark and pleasant teaser. mp3


INFESTUM "Infestum" MCD Battle Hymn Records
Young and smart group from Belarus brings out the extreme storm of heathen black metal - tight, uncomrpomising and above all totally straight forward. Good dirty guitars, agonizing vocals, warlike drumming and distorted atmosphere without keyboards. For fans of acts like Pagan and Graveland. 5 tracks, 16.45 min. www mp3

INTO THE VOID "Facelift" CD M&A MusicArt
Swedish metalheads Into the Void made themselves known as a chaotic live act. Straight from the start they refused to play like others. The inspiration stems from metal/grunge/70's hard rock like Deep Purple, but Into the Void definitely have their own way of darker sound. The debut CD "Facelift" came with a message of love and understanding... 13 tracks. mp3
KLIMT 1918 "Undressed Memento" digipack CD My Kingdom Music 28Lt/€12
Postmodern melancholia from Italy, born from ashes of ANOTHER DAY. Unique and desolate atmospheres enshrouded by avantgarde sounds, alternative gothic metal, extraordinary new wave moments... recalling Lacuna Coil and famous Novembre tones. And with noticeable collaboration from the later! 9 intimate songs.  

KRUK "Drowned in a SwampHeart of Evrope" digipack CD Possession / Stygian Crypt
The solid release in memory of the vanished Belarussian underground legend. This harsh pagan metal band have left only two demos, burning with eternal warrior pride of the Baltic Empire and black abyss of pain and disgust to the modern world. 17 perfectly remastered tracks in excellent quality digipack, limited to 1000 copies. mp3

LONG WINTERS' STARE "Before the Dawn, So Go the Shadows of Humanity" CD Dragon Flight - last copies
Symphonic dark metal with influences from classical, progressive and epic doom/death music with lush piano, string and organ arrangements. The powerfull, surreal album with a concept based on the story of Vlad The Impaler. The very first release of American label Dragon Flight Recordings and second album for Long Winter's Stare.
MAYHEM "Freezing Moon, Carnage" / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "Jihad" split CD Supernal Music
The split CD release of Norwegian black metal icons and Brittish group. Mayhem's two tracks aren’t the same ones that appeared on “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” but were only released on an old compilation and a long out of print vinyl. Much rawer tracks that are must to any Mayhem fan! The release offers 11 tracks, incl. bonus, lyrics and controverail artwork.
MEADS OF ASPHODEL, The "Damascus Steel" CD Supernal Music
Third studio album from original black metal band from Great Britain. Apocalyptic, symphonic extreme music full of eclecticism and contining the anti-religious fundamentalist diatribe began in their mini-album "Jihad". Middle Eastern instrumentation, many genre-strange influences reflect various musical approaches and strong emotions. 9 tracks. mp3

MIST OF AVALON, The "Here and After" digipack CD M&A MusicArt
Another rather fine slab of melodic gothic metal from this Swedish band. Its is melancholic dark metal on the edge of atmospheric gothic rock and deathrock. Recommended for those who like Dreadful Shadows, Moonspell etc. 12 songs in a nice digipack w/ booklet. mp3 / www

MIST OF AVALON, The "Sleepless" single CD M&A MusicArt
The Mist of Avalon comes from Uppsala, Sweden, and are walking in the wonderland between metal and the darker parts of the underground scene, combining melancholic melodies based on keyboard soundcapes with eerie guitar riffs. A four track EP includes a heavy cover of The Misfits "We are 138", exclusive to this release. mp3

MISTRESS OF THE DEAD "Cryptic" digisleeve CD Epidemie Records 30Lt/12
Slow, agonizing and utter depressive funeral esoteric doom metal from Czech Republic. Played through long 4 songs that thrive on repetition and sorrowful, drawn out melodies to create a totally bleak atmosphere. A great gift to the fans of Esoteric, Nortt, Mournful Congregation and artists alike. Limited digisleeve edition - 500 copies. www

NORDVYKK "Nordland" CD Stellar Winter
A melodic black metal from Germany, spreading great heathen ideas. The enigmatic band was born in 2001 and "Nordland" became the debut full album, firstly released on tape and CDR in 2004 and then on CD in Russia. Pagan Europe - rise! 9 tracks, CD edition limited to 1000 copies. ::: www mp3
NOVEMBRE "The Blue" digipack CD Peaceville
The 6th official studio album of soaring atmospheric and emotional metal from premier Italy's band. "The Blue" features even greater dynamic – both vocally and musically -and twists of doom/gothic which brings to mind classic bands such as Opeth, Paradise Lost & Anathema. Novembre are certain to impress all fans of the genre. Digipack edition w/ 12 songs. mp3

QUARK 7 "Once Upon a Crime" CD
French band's debut album filled with prog metal, dreamy and quite speedy in some parts. The most important influence is Dream Theater, but with hints of bands like Fates Warning or Iron Maiden. Nice vocals style and good melody placement. 14 songs. www mp3

ROOM WITH A VIEW "Collecting Shells at Lighthouse Hill" CD My Kingdom Music 28Lt/€11
A masterpiece of dark emotional rock from Italy! With the second album the band's sound has evolved into a highly unique blend of fresh and mesmerizing emo-rock art. A must for fans of Anathema, The Tea Party, Katatonia, Dredg, The Cure etc. FANTASTIC designs!!!; CD comes with a wrapper, 9 songs, a video and multimedia part. ::: www mp3
SOLSTAFIR "Til Valhallar" CD Oskorei Music
An outsanding album from the legendary black metal band from Iceland! Recorded in 1996 it represents raw Nordic style, reminding old brave days, combining power of black and death metal though clear production. 4 songs were released as MCD on View Beyond Records, now sold-out. This release includes 2 bonus tracks.

SPARES "Download" CD M&A MusicArt
New album from the old Children on Stun crew, right kicking and well sounding alternative gothic-rock, now with feisty female vocals. The second Spares fullenght effort offering a smart portion of nordic darkwave. Pleasing experience consiting of 7 new songs served with a garnish of 4 bonus tracks. Enjoy! www

SPARES "Tired and Bizzare" CD M&A
Formed out of the ashes of Children on Stun, one of the finest underground acts of the 90's in Sweden. Guitarist Simon Manning is back with his new project Spares. Spares' hard alternative/goth music comes with few more trippy tracks featuring guest female vocals, and also some more upbeat industrial tracks. Very interesting and varied CD. 11 songs. mp3

SPARES "End of the Line" single CD M&A
Gothic/alternative from Sweden (formerly Children on Stun). 4 song single release following the debut album "Tired & Bizzare". Songs "It's OK, I'm only Bleeding" and "The Snail's Rave" in two different versions. mp3
SUNWHEEL "Monuments of the Elder Faith" MCD Supernal Music
(previously known as Swastyka) Radical, symphonic NS black metal, with crystal-clear sound, angry screamed vocals, and spacious, sweeping atmospheres soaring over raging guitars. The best description for this is that this is the fascist's 'Into the Nightside Eclipse'. Top quality and still a huge, unexploded potential from Poland!

SYMBEL "We Drink - Hymns and Counsel of Anglosaxon Heathenry" CD Angelisc Enterprises
The debut album of pagan dark-age metal from the pen of Sceot Arcwielder  dedicated to all those of positive heathen intent. An inspiring  collection of heathen-based anthems with clean vocals and rants of shamanic fury. Also the raw, melodic and Burzumish guitars. 9 tracks from England.

UDUMBAL "Ahi Budhnya" CD Monstrous Star
Occult ritual music, based on black metal-ambient and incantations in Sanskrit, Sumerian and old Russian. The dark, gloomy and cold keyboard passages emerge from grim Belarus, the second album of the project. CD contains tracks from "AhI BUDhNYA" MC-album and new "Nashanam Lokan" track as bonus. 74 min. Ltd. 666 copies edition.



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Er. J. ORCHESTRA "On the Hill Again" digipack CD+DVD Karavan 42Lt/17
Er. J. Orchestra is one of the most interesting Ukrainian projects in the domain of ethno-fusion today. Actually, this music is so organically intertwined into the world sound fabric – it is impossible to limit it with any borders, geographic or stylistic, etc. This double release's DVD part includes rarities, film "Blissful Island", pictures, interviews, slides, fragments of concert performances. ::: mp3 / mp3

Er. J. ORCHESTRA "Gabrielius" digipack CD Karavan 25Lt/10
The Ukrainian ensemble famous for junction of ethnic, jazz and academic sounding. They call it "music without baundaries". "Gabrielius" is more than jazz. One may hear inexpressible roots of North and West mixed with fervent rhythms of the South and patterned delicacy of the East. Is it ethno-jazz? Not only that. Also, it has a very special link to Lithuania... ::: mp3 / mp3



Licenciniai CD
APHEX TWIN - Richard D. James Album - 1996 - naujosios elektronikos genijus. WARP/Sonic. 26 Lt.
PIXIES - Trompe Le Monde - 1991 - alternative klasika. 4AD/Zona. 20 Lt.
SUGARCUBES - Life’s Too Good - 1988 - originalus rokas su Björk priesakyje. OLI/Zona. 20 Lt.
TENOR, JIMI - Intervision - 1997- zymus experimental electronic kurejas. WARP/Sonic. 26 Lt.
TENOR, JIMI - Organism - 1999 - zymus experimental electronic kurejas. WARP/Sonic. 26 Lt.
TENOR, JIMI - Out of Nowhere - 2000 - zymus experimental electronic kurejas. WARP/Sonic 26 Lt.